Wednesday, February 15, 2006

is this what they mean?

Last night as I'm brushing my teeth, I see myself in the mirror. I mean, I really pay attention. When did I start looking so old? I don't just have laugh lines; I have laugh canyons. It was a little unsettling. Normally, I'm really not one to obsess too much about my looks...there's just too many other things to worry about. But I clearly remember thinking last night, "Wow. I wish my skin looked younger."
This morning as I'm brushing my teeth, what do I see? A zit. Come on, I'm way too old for that!
Then it donned on this what they mean by "be careful what you wish for"? O.K.--lesson learned (at least, I hope so!).

Yesterday's quote of the day:
"When you turn a heart upside down, it looks like a butt." --Gray

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