Tuesday, March 21, 2006

absolutely incredible...my kids?

Oh, I'm just kidding...of course, they're absolutely incredible! I truly believe they are, each in their very own unique ways. Anyway, yesterday was Absolutely Incredible Kids Day. We've been celebrating this mini-holiday for several years now. Rich and I had decided that since it fell on a school day this year, we'd keep it simple and just take them out to supper and then let them each pick a small toy.
But let me tell you...they did their very best, yesterday, to prove just how Absolutely Incredibly Aggravating they could be. If they weren't really such good kiddos most of time, I think we would have bagged the whole celebration this year.
Luckily for Rich and I, they shaped right up when we left the house. And we all enjoyed dining at the buffet...where Max can get his mac and cheese, Gray can get his ice cream with strawberry sauce, Annie can get her meatless taco bowl, Rich can get his hot wings, and I can get my apple crisp. Afterward, the boys each picked out a package of plastic bugs from the dollar store and Annie picked out a beanie baby (she's on a quest to collect a new one each month this year).
All in all, it turned out to be a rather enjoyable evening. (Though not good for goal #19 of my 101 list.)

Quote of the day:
"Children are a handful sometimes,
a heartful at all times." --unknown


me said...

What a neat idea! Your kiddies will remember special moments like these and you'll have given them the world.

Trust me, one day you'll look back and not even remember their less than stellar days! :)

Dawn said...

I read your post and wasn't sure if it was a holiday you created for your family (I like to do that) or a real one. I saw that it was on the campfire USA site. Is that where you heard of it. I think it's a WONDERFUL idea. I hope I can remember it next year. What a great way to let your kids know how special they are. Kudos to you!

take care,

debi said...

Marianne-I'm gonna take your word for it that I'm not going to remember how nuts they drove me at times (though I find it hard to believe at this point!).

Dawn-What's the campfire USA site?
I'll try to remind you about Absolutely Incredible Kids Day when next March rolls around (but my mind's not what it used to be...LOL!).

Dawn said...

Debi I googled Absolutely Incredibe Kid day and a Campfire USA site came up. I'd love the reminder (providing your memory is in peek condition :) )

take care,