Thursday, March 02, 2006

Doing something right

Quote of the day:
"I know a rainbow only has 7 colors, but I added black to mine because nobody should be left out." --Gray

I love these little moments. You know the ones when you can tell you're doing something right. Or maybe it has nothing to do with how we're raising the little guy. But who really cares. It matters not whether his compassion stems from nature or nuture or a combination of the two. What does matter is that this sweet little 5-year-old has the biggest, kindest, most generous heart I've ever seen. I could give example after example of his loving tenderness. I must admit, he's a tough, challenging little rascal. He is so hyper-emotional and sensitive. He never sleeps much. He is extremely anxious in new situations. But that's all part of this wonderful little package. Whether he goes on to change the world with his extraordinary heart or he simply continues to make the world a nicer place for those who love him, he truly is a gift!

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