Wednesday, March 22, 2006

my baby no more...

That very common mommy want them to grow up happy and healthy, yet you really don't want them to grow up at all.
Oh yes, my little baby is no longer a baby. No, he's a big boy all the way (at least according to him...though we try to tell him that big boys use the potty!).
He was born a full six weeks early and spent his first days in a NICU. He was very big for his gestational age at 6lb. 12oz., but he very quickly fell in the ranks in size. He spent his first year below the 5th percentile in size (as his pediatrician put it, he just clung to the chart by his fingernails). His second year he raised a bit in the ranks, making the 25th percentile by 18 months. Then he stayed there for quite a while. It was so easy to think of him as my little baby. Not only was he my youngest and last ever babe, but he was a little guy to boot.
Then in the months preceding his 3rd birthday...Wham! Bam! Growth Spurt to rival any Growth Spurt on earth! At his 3-year check-up my "little" guy came in at the 95th percentile! His doctor was stunned!
He's now 3 1/2, and I think his growth spurt is sputtering. He still asks for snacks around the clock, but I think it's purely out of habit, because he doesn't eat nearly what he used to. But for me, this sputtering out came too late...he's just gotten too big. He's nearly as big as his 5-year-old brother (they can even wear a lot of the same clothes).
There's just no kidding myself. He's not a baby anymore. And from time to time it makes this mommy very melancholy indeed!

Quote of the day:
"A day spent with a child is never wasted." --unknown

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Dawn said...

Wow, that's some game of catch up your son has played! Good for him. I remember the day before my son turned four. I cried because I knew my baby was gone for good. Now he's 7 and there's no going back :)

take care,