Monday, April 10, 2006

you may be tested on this material

Kids...they sure do know how to keep you laughing, don't they? And they don't even mean to. A short conversation with Gray yesterday, when he simply had to come in the bathroom with me...

Gray: Why don't girls have penises?

Me: That's just one of the differences between girls and boys.

Gray: Think that'll be on a quiz someday?

(I'm fairly confident, this subject is not included in the kindergarten he should be o.k.)


~**Dawn**~ said...

ha! gotta love kids. my favorite kid-question came when i was 16 & babysitting. the 4yo little girl walks into the bathroom while i was in there--something i guess she was used to doing with her parents & she was *supposed* to be sleeping, i didn't think it would be an issue--and asks "why do big people have hair there? my daddy has more than my mommy though." talk about 16 & unprepared to be asked, let alone have an answer! LOL

debi said...

That's just too funny, Dawn! How on earth do you respond to that?!! Also makes me wonder just what my kids tell other people about us!

Dawn said...

Oh that's so funny! Now being a kindergarten teacher myself I can tell you that, no, there would not be a quiz :)

take care,

debi said...

Thanks Dawn! I'll tell him you verified it for us.

~**Dawn**~ said...

LOL with the age-old "ummmm...ask your mother"! ;-) thank GOD that was an option for me.