Tuesday, May 30, 2006

been a while

Just haven't had much to say, I guess. Been busy, too. Had guests for the long weekend.

Still not much to say. Taking Gray back to the pediatric dentist this morning...his 2nd pulpectomy/crown and his 2nd filling. Not expecting any problems as it all went so smoothly the first time. No problems, except for our checkbook, that is!

Today's 10 on Tuesday...
**10 Plans for the Summer**
1. finish redoing the flower garden
2. redecorate the bathroom
3. take a trip to the mid-west (Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota)
4. get some books read
5. get this year's Christmas cards made
6. lots of day trips-especially for hikes
7. lots of fun projects with the munchkins (nature journals, craft projects, etc.)
8. paint the front door and the shutters
9. attend the family reunion

Had a nice visit with Rich's parents. We hit some garage sales. We walked the birdsong trail and hand fed the chickadees (such a cool thing to do...we always take people there when they visit). Planted a tiny dogwood tree and some bamboo they brought us (have no idea if the bamboo can actually survive our winters, but we're giving it a try). Went for a drive to see some really funky houses (we call them the mushroom houses). Ate and ate and ate. Talked and talked and talked. Was really nice to see them without the rest of the gang...not that it's not fun to have the whole family together, but it's hard to really get to spend much time talking to anyone in particular when everyone's there.

Well, I certainly jumped from one thing to another here. But that about sums it up.

Quote of the day:
"Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundries." --Corita Kent

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Dawn said...

Oh Debi I certainly understand the busy part of your post. It feels like I always have things going on! I like your summer list. Some of those things are on my list too! My count is 13 more days!

How did the dentist appointment go?

take care,