Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm still among the living's been over a month since I've posted.

Reason #1: I've been so dang busy trying to prepare for our homeschooling adventure.

Reason #2: Spending so much time preparing for our homeschooling adventure has left little time for anything exciting to happen that is worthy of posting.

So, what has happened in the month since school has let out for the summer?

1. We visited a new-to-us state park...Chimney Bluffs, located along the shores of Lake Ontario. Awesome place!

2. On the same day, we also visited the Sodus Point Lighthouse.

3. We went to a family reunion (my dad's side of the family). Had a fun two days...I'm blessed with a great extended family.

4. Left the munchykins with my parents for 2 days after the reunion. Rich and I had the most relaxing 2 days, well I can't remember when! Even did some antiquing, which we haven't been able to do in many years! It was heavenly! Thanks again Mom and Dad!

5. Annie started her flute lessons. And she's actually doing quite well.

6. The soccer season is finally over (with the exception of Annie's after-season party, which is tonight).

7. Gray is finally finished with all his dental work (last big round was yesterday). What a relief to all!

8. Annie had her one-week animation camp. It was really amazing what they accomplished, considering it was only a total of 4.5 hours. They each made a film (about 5 seconds long). And they all did a fantastic job!

9. We've gone through approximately 300 popsicles/ice pops.

10. We tried out the new ice cream parlor in town.

11. We've sweated...a lot! Sure do miss central air!

Hmm...guess I have done more than homeschool prep. Still, it seems so overwhelming me. Can't wait until I have everything ready (at least for the first quarter!).

Soon, it will also be time to start preparing for our trip...I'm so excited!!! I'll be visiting states I've never been to before...Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming. (All that time in the car with the munchykins may drive us literally insane, but I'm really trying to focus on the positive aspects!)

Well, I suppose I've wasted enough time here...the kids are still not dressed (though I have fed them breakfast), there's laundry to do, and plans for studying American government need to be made. The fun never ends.

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Dawn said...

YAY! It's so good to read your posts again :) It sure sounds like you have been busy! I have a friend that is going to homeschool her 4 children this coming school year. Are you homeschooling all of your children or just Annie?

The heat is just awful isn't it? I am so glad that I have central air.

I'm glad the dentist is over and done with. I have a couple of root canals and crowns to go still!

I love your pictures :) You certainly have been busy. Oh, and your trip sounds wonderful (as did those 2 days without kids!)

Take care,