Friday, March 16, 2007

In one way or another...

all kids are absolutely incredible! And yesterday was Absolutely Incredible Kids Day.

To celebrate this year, we took the kids out to eat to a buffet they all love. And during supper, Rich and I took turns telling each of them some of the things we thought makes them each incredible...

*your insatiable thirst for knowledge
*your love of other cultures
*the way you find the good in others
*your moral conscience (for example, your refusal to eat meat

*your abundant creativity
*your gifts of observation
*your always outstanding behavior in school
*your meticulousness

*your overwhelming sweetness
*your gracefulness
*your helpfulness
*your silliness

After supper, we took them to the mall and let them each choose a stuffed animal. I tried to get a photo of the three of them with their new buddies...but they were being absolutely incredibly uncooperative kids.


~**Dawn**~ said...

what a great family tradition to have! i had to LOL @ "absolutely incredibly uncooperative" though.

happy Friday, Debi! =)

Dawn said...

Debi how sweet! Your kids are all incredible in their own ways. How very nice to acknowledge them each the way you did :)

take care,