Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just Curious...

I'm a list-maker. Of the obsessive variety. I make lists for everything.

There's the daily to-dos. The weekly to-dos. The seasonal to-dos. Items from the seasonal and weekly eventually work their way down to the daily.

There's shopping lists. The always running grocery list (which is augmented with meal fixins before the actual trip to the grocery store). The upcoming holiday/birthday gifts. The always running Target list.

There's lists of cards that need to be made. Layouts I want to remember to do. Ideas for gifts to make.

There's to gargantuan list of tasks I need to do for homeschooling.

Before we go on a first step is to make a list of all the lists I need to make (medicines/toiletries, clothes by person, food, etc.)

There's a seemingly never-ending supply of oddball lists. Like the list of ruby and forest green dishes I still need. Like the list of books, etc. I might want to buy for next year's homeschooling. Like the list things to look for next time we hit the thrift store.

I have a stack of approximately 10 tablets, going back as many years, that contain the list of every Christmas present we bought for each person. (The supposed purpose of this is to not repeat gifts, but I rarely ever look at them.)

Sometimes I wonder how much more I could actually accomplish if I spent less time making lists and instead used that time to do the things I'm putting on the lists. But I don't think my mind could possibly keep track of all the "necessaries", let alone the "extras".

So anyway, just curious...
...are you a list maker? Of the normal or of the obsessive variety?


~**Dawn**~ said...

lists. lists, lists, lists. lists of lists even. all kept in a 3-ring notebook for easy addition, removal & recycling. and when i take an item off my daily list that needs to be repeated on a later date, i move that item back to a "long range list." oh yes, *definitely* a list-maker. i will let you decide what kind. ;-) lol!

debi said...

Dawn-I think I'm going to put you in the column of obsessive list makers with me!

~*Kelli*~ said...

Oh no. I am TOTALLY the opposite. I do EVERYTHING by the seat of my pants. I have ADD, and I'm supposed to make lists. I don't. It would make my life SO MUCH easier if I would just do it. I don't.

That's cool that you do, though. Really.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

List, lists and more lists! I am a total list-maker. I have a list of lists on my blog (sidebar) and I bought myself a low-level PDA, just so I could enter all my lists, have them electronic, and take them with me all of the time. I do the same thing before we leave on vacation, I have a list. I also have a list as I'm planning vacations, and then when we leave, I have a vacation folder with everything written down, printed out, etc that has to go in my carry-on bag with me. Oh my, lists are my life!

Great topic!