Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Challenge

This week's Thursday Challenge is "SPRING".

Since it has only made it up to 29 degrees here so far this morning, it just isn't feeling like spring. So I opted to steer clear of the seasonal version.

The fellow sitting atop the "spring" is my wonderful father-in-law. The photo was taken last summer, during our vacation. Though we saw a lot of great sites on our trip west, one of our favorite parts was meeting up with Rich's parents in Nebraska. (We, of course, came from NY; they came from PA.) We went to visit the area where my father-in-law grew up. Rich used to visit his grandparents during the summers as a kid. And they would go and play at this playground in the photo.


Carrie! :o) said...

LOL, oh how cute! I have a picture of my Grandpa on one of those spring type toys at the park. It's so cute to see different generations enjoy the *classic* toys!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

i love photos like that, with hidden memories not apparent just by looking at the photo!

gail said...

Fun picture!

marianne said...

what a wonderful photo and story/memories to go with it!

Dawn said...

That's a fun picture and a sweet story :)

take care,

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh, what a great interpretation of the theme! So glad you guys all got to be together last summer, sounds like a good trip.

P.S. 29 degrees is unfathomable to me right now. My air conditioning is running and its 83 degrees here, LOL!