Tuesday, April 24, 2007

screaming spring

Really, does anything say "spring" more vibrantly, more cheerfully than daffodils? To me, they are simply the epitome. I read over at Stacy's that it's starting to feel like summer in her neck of the woods already. I'm just happy spring is finally making an appearance here. Hope it hangs around a while...and I hope the daffodils do, too.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty! Yeah, it's summer here in SC, too. We've been in the 80's.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

So beautiful!

Yes, the air conditioning is running as I type this. It's a paltry 81ยบ outside :)

gail said...

I love daffodils and yours are beautiful! Don't have any but a few of my stella d'oro are blooming but not because of anything I did! They're just lucky to still be alive.

Melody said...

Such beautiful flowers! :) I'd love to experience spring, because it's always summer over here!!!

Dawn said...

Very pretty flowers. I've got a few daffodils blooming in my yard as well. I love the refreshing feeling of spring!!

take care,