Tuesday, May 08, 2007

10 on Tuesday

I really like this week's 10 on Tuesday topic...it will be a lot of fun to read everyone's lists. But I'm not sure how to answer it myself. Because, well frankly, I'm (a.) an open book already and (b.) pretty darn boring as well. But I'll give it a try.

**10 Things Most People Don't Know About You**

1. I love eating those little dinner mints mixed together with salty nuts. Or chocolate covered pretzels. Just love that sweet/salty combination.

2. I was blond until about age 5, when my hair started turning darker, eventually reaching a medium to dark brown. Now it is generously sprinkled with gray. (Though I do very sporadically color it.)

3. I swelled up so bad (due to preeclampsia) when I was pregnant with Annie, that the little toe on my right foot actually split open. I also drove Rich a little crazy because I talked funny because my tongue was so swollen.

--Please feel free to quit reading at any time...I don't want to bore anyone to sleep here.

4. I'm very low maintenance...don't like jewelry, prefer wildflowers to roses and the like, buy all my clothes and shoes from thrift stores, etc.

5. I hate crowds, talking on the phone, and in general, social situations where I don't know many people.

6. My labor was induced 5-6 weeks early with Annie, Gray, and Max (again due to preeclampsia).

7. I scored 1220 on my SATs despite (or maybe because of?) being "under the weather".

--Argh. This is so hard. I have absolutely nothing of interest to say! This is oh so pathetic!

8. I have really ugly thumbs. They look like overly long big toes.

9. I used to walk in my sleep; I still occasionally talk in my sleep.

10. My not-so-secret longing was to have sang back-up in a Motown group. (Too bad I can't sing.)

And there you have it...10 little known facts about me. Bet you wish you still didn't know them, huh? Happy Tuesday!


Patois said...

I'm with you on #5. And I think #8 could be on anyone's list. And thanks so much for making me look closely at mine. Yuck!

Julia said...

I'm low maintenance and very nervous standing around crowd.

And your list wasn't boring, I was entertained :) Happy Ten on Tuesday!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

We sound so much alike! (I even have a few gray hairs which I pluck because, hey, I'm only 29 and the crow's feet are bad enough.) I settled for an 1120 on my SAT's because I was convinced I was going nowhere other than the local state college. Now, with Cornell three miles down the road, I wish I would have taken it a bit more seriously. Low maintenance, don't enjoy big crowds, HATE talking to strangers on the phone. But my secret dream was to perform on Broadway ;-)

Jean said...

I, too, hate crowds and talking on the phone. And while clothes from thrift stores are fine by me, I've never been lucky with shoes from there. I don't really want expensive, "fine" jewelry, but I absolutely love quirky stuff. In fact, this morning, the manager of a donut shop in Portsmouth, OH, admired my handcuff earrings. I took them off and handed them to her, saying I'd just make myself another pair. She then comped me my two dozen donuts in exchange.

amy said...

thanks for sharing with us this week. I love sweet and salty as well

Kitty said...

Your list is so much more interesting than mine. It is interesting to hear how so many people don't like social situations, I'm another one.

Carrie! :o) said...

You're not boring at all! Like you, I don't care for jewerly and that sort. My wedding band and engagement ring are all that's important to me in that department. Social situations freak me out, as I suffer with social anxiety. I jump (from being startled) when the phone or door bell rings. I prefer to be in my own home ... nice and cozy with my familiar surroundings.

Domestic Geek said...

I'm #4 big time...except when it comes to techy gadgets or craft supplies. I like things with a purpose. I'm also #5. These lists really were hard since most people online that read my blog already know most things about me.

LaDonna aka Domestic Geek

Julie said...

Of course you're interesting! It's so fun seeing how we all share so many commonalities :) I'm totally with you on #4 a #5, BTW.

Melody said...

Hi Debi, I think I'm low maintenance too, hehe.

Someone tagged me to write 8 Random Facts/Habits about myself, so I didn't play 10 on Tuesday this week since I thought they are somewhat similiar.

Have a great day!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great list, I could have never come up with this many! But, I am totally with you on the sweet and salty combo, and also #5. I don't like crowds, talking on the phone or places where I don't know people either.


gail said...

These are hard for me to do! I'm with you on the sweet/salty thing, yummy.
I wish I could sing backup for a few people, of course I'd have to be able to sing first!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

I liked reading your list!