Thursday, May 17, 2007

can we just move on to tomorrow?

The temps are only supposed to reach the upper 40s today.

Not only was my favorite show, Jericho, not on last night, I found out that it's not coming back next year. This so depresses me.

Gray is major league cranky today...likely culprit being that the boys refused to go to sleep last night. Oh, how they need separate bedrooms!

My to do list for the next few weeks may just bury me alive.

And is good. It really is.


Carrie! :o) said...

Upper 40's? What in the world?! You livin' in Alaska or somthing? LOL! We'll be in the 80s today.

Hope today gets better!

gail said...

We aren't quite to the 40's but I spoke too soon the other day when I told you we were having 90's only! We had a slight cool front move through and it's been 60 at night, 70 something yesterday and maybe 80 I'm happy for the brief break in the heat!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Wow, 40's for a high?! Like Gail said, we're having a little bit cooler weather here, in the 70's in the day, which is wonderful. Upper 70's, but still a lot better than the 90's we had last week!

Sorry your show Jericho got cancelled. We never watched that one, but I hate that it got cancelled.

Have a good day :)

Jennifer said...

It dropped down to the 50's here last night, and I'm hoping it stays cool today. I'm in the mood for soup, and hubby isn't crazy about it when it's warm out. I love some cooler weather, only because I know how miserably hot it will be all too soon.

Hope your day gets brighter!!