Friday, May 11, 2007

a little of this, a little of that

*Wow. I can't believe how many people's kids have needed braces! Almost sounds like the norm. I don't remember many people wearing braces when I was a kid. Not that it was uncommon, but I don't think there was more than a handful of kids in my class that wore them. Maybe I'm just not remembering correctly. I didn't have them, though I certainly could have benefited. My teeth aren't overly crooked or anything, but I do have a nice big gap between my front teeth. Anyway, I'm just curious...

Did you wear braces as a kid? Are they more common today, or is that just my imagination?

*We've altered our plans for the weekend a bit. Instead of hitting both Fort Ticonderoga and Saratoga, we've decided to just focus on Saratoga. For one thing, we didn't realize it would be so expensive to go to Fort Ticonderoga. And for another, if we get home before 1:00pm on Sunday, we won't have to pay an extra $30 to the kennel. And it looks like there's plenty to do at Saratoga alone...along with the visitors center and the battlefield tour, it looks like they've got at least one nice hiking trail (we can't ever seem to pass up a hiking trail). So I think that's going to give a full day of fun right there.

*Baker went to the vet yesterday. He needed to have another blood test to see how his thyroid meds are doing. The good news...he'd lost 2.2 pounds in the last 3 weeks. Of course, we're a little worried about how he's losing the weight...after about a week on the meds, he went on a hunger strike. He used to act like he was starving to death all the time, and now you have to cajole him to eat just a few bites. But it is good that he's losing weight...and the meds seem to have done wonders for his energy level, too. He's like a puppy again! He chases the kids around the back yard, and he doesn't sleep for 20 hours a day anymore.

*I'm beginning to wonder if the potty issues will ever end with the Maxidoodle. Don't get me wrong...I'm still incredibly grateful that he started using the potty at all. And apart from occasionally peeing his pants at preschool, because he's nervous about using the potty there, he's doing very well with that end of things. The "other" issue however, is a whole 'nother story! He's had problems with constipation since he was 6 weeks old. Of course, they always say breast-fed babies don't have such problems. WRONG. Anyway, he's been on medication for years. Thought things were finally straightening themselves out, until the whole "using the potty" thing came up. We expected problems. We dealt with problems. We thought all problems had been resolved. But all of a sudden, after doing fine for a month or so, the problems are back. Several "accidents" a day caused by trying to hold it instead of just going to the bathroom. He knows that we're getting a bit frustrated with this behavior, and with the constant cleaning out of poopy underwear. So, last evening, being the big can-do kind of boy that he is, he tried to deal with the mess himself. When we discovered him in the bathroom, he was clad only in a t-shirt, had poop smeared across the counter, and was standing there holding his dripping wet Lightning McQueen underwear over the toilet. Bless his sweet little heart, he had tried clean up his own mess and wash out his underwear in the toilet. Of course, the resulting mess to both the bathroom (which I had cleaned a mere 3 hours earlier) and to himself was a hundred times worse than if he had just called for help to start with. But I tried to look at the bright side...he was trying to be a helpful big boy.

Well, now that I've left everyone with those unsavory images, I suppose I should be off. Need to pack for our little jaunt, and Annie and I are running behind on our schooling for the week as it is. Hope everyone has a truly wonderful weekend!


Jennifer said...

You know, I think you're right about more kids wearing braces these days. I can only remember a few kids had braces when I was young, and that wasn't until jr. high and high school. I really don't get why they put braces on kids whose adult teeth aren't all in yet. It just doesn't make any sense to me! And they can NOT convince me otherwise!

Glad your pup is doing better - he sure is a cutie!

Sorry you had to deal with the bathroom issue - sounds like you handled it far better than I would have. I've never had to deal with that, and praying I won't this time around either. Not sure how old your son is, I'm assuming at least 3 since you said he's in preschool, but I wanted to say, from what I know, boys often take much longer. My son was 4 before he was completly 'trained'. And then it was like overnight a lightbulb went off for him - and he never had any more accidents. Hopefully he have it down in no time!

Have fun on your trip!

Anonymous said...

Your trip sounds fun! Y'all are doing the sort of things that we love doing, too! We love a good hiking trail, too! Are you going to take pictures to share??

As for the potty issues! My heart goes out to you. It's been awhile since I've had to deal with those things and I'm hoping I'll be prepared for this next round, LOL.

Braces! Nope, I never had them either. Yes, more people have them today. I think it's a mixture of *perfect teeth* being a trend and almost fashion statement. Then the Ortho's are bankin' and they're pulling the patients in younger and younger. To be honest, most of it's marketing and money making. I know alot of people *do* really need them but I think it's being pushed on ALOT of people that don't *really* need them ...

Eye of the Rainbow said...

I have to agree with the kids and wearing braces now adays. Just visited today and will be back to read again.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Oh, the poopie pants story just breaks my heart :-( I remember Jacob having similar issues and,on more than one occasion, trying to clean up himself so as not to upset us. Ah well . . . they do learn, afterall. "This, too, shall pass."

I had braces from 6th - 8th grade. The dentist seems to think Hannah will need them in another few years just 'cause her mouth is so tiny (in size only!). Guess we had better sign up for dental insurance now!

gail said...

Hope you had a good weekend! I think we went to a concert in Saratoga Springs one summer when we visited through New York...somehow we missed the battlefield stuff that trip but did it another year through Pennsylvania, Virginia etc.

Dawn said...

I never had braces but I think Timmy and his overbite will need them! I have, on the other hand, had more crowns than most people I know (I'm only #12).

About the bathroom issue....I've been there! It got to the point where I tried bribing, punishing and everything else in between! I remember Timmy telling people he got "poop" toys! There are still times he'd rather hold it in and all I can say is UGH!!!!! I hope this passes quickly for you.

take care,

Karen said...

I can totally relate to the potty issue. My oldest is 5 and has also suffered from severe constipation since he was a baby. It also causes incontinence and his bladder has actually been moved out of its proper place. Its so hard because you know they can't help it, even though they want to be able to function properly. Its so hard to know when to push them and when to step back and ease up! You should email me...I don't want to gross anyone out with the details;)