Sunday, May 27, 2007

a quick break

Just made pizza salad and got some homemade rolls thrown in the oven. Rich is currently grilling some chicken. But I thought I would grab these couple of minutes to pop in. Geez--it's only been a few days since I was last in the land of blog, but it feels like forever. I miss being caught up with what everyone's up to! Might have to sneak in here this evening and see if I can't visit everyone. I should be working on school stuff, but reading everyone's blogs is so much more fun!

Anyway, we had an enjoyable visit with Rich's parents. It was really great to see's been far too long! We pretty much just had supper and hung out Friday evening. Then yesterday after lunch, we took them to Lamberton Conservatory. I did take pictures, but I'm too lazy to load them to the computer at the moment. And we went out the China Buffet for supper. And then we gabbed again all evening. And they left today after lunch. Far too short of a visit!

On another note, I am so very excited! One of my "real life" friends, Kara, has started a blog! All my pestering finally paid off. Stop by and welcome her to this wonderful world when you get a chance...I know she'd love to "meet" you all of you sweet, fun people!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend! I can't wait to go see what you're all up to!


~**Dawn**~ said...

i popped over to your friend's blog to say hello. =) always exciting to have new bloggers!

i have a pizza pasta salad on my menu this week too! yum!

hope you're having a good holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad y'all had such a wonderful visit. :o)

I went and visited Kara. Her writing style is too cute. I can tell she's got a spunky personality! Hope she enjoys blogging as much as we do.

Thank you so much for your sweet comments today. Yeah, I don't normally like sitting on my porch to cry, LOL... but it happened. My heart has been hurting over the way Libby has been behaving lately. Just tough being a Mom sometimes. She's alot like her father in soooo many ways ... and they're the ways that hurt, ya know. I wish she would save that *stuff* for when she visits him on *his* weekends. Blah! I'll make it though, LOL! :o)

kreed said...

Glad you had a good visit with Rich's parents - it is nice to have some company from time to time!

kreed said...

BTW - is this the pizza salad I remember you feeding us in Memphis? Seems like that had Velveeta in it, though.