Sunday, May 20, 2007


Things are just so crazy around here that I can't even seem to throw my thoughts together for a decent post. So here's just a few recent items from the last couple days...

*Went to visit Mom and Dad yesterday. Had a great time visiting! But bone-headed me forgot the camera.

*New books:

How cool is this?!! Waiting for me in the mailbox was the book I'd won at one of Katrina's incredible book give-away contests! And look, signed by the author, just like the one Stacy won!

And though not having quite the "wow" factor as winning a signed book, Mom also passed along two books to me yesterday (Monster by Jonathan Kellerman and Unspeakable by Sandra Brown). Oh, how I wish I had more time to read!

*I'm worried about our fruit trees. None of them (cherry, pear, peach, nor apple) had many blossoms at all this year. So bummed! We love all the fruit they've given us in past summers. I've heard that it's because of the bizarre winter we had...I hope that's the case, as I'd hate to think that anything more severe was wrong with them.

*We are fuming with TV executives here in our house. I'm still very upset that my favorite show (Jericho) is being cancelled, but of course, that's the way of the TV industry. But the decision made yesterday...well, it was just inexcusable! Why on earth would they switch to pre-race coverage of the Preakness just as overtime was starting in the Buffalo/Ottawa game. It's not like this was any old hockey game. I mean, come on, this determined who was heading to the Stanley Cup finals! And it wasn't like it was the actual race they switched was just pre-race commentary...the race wasn't starting for another hour+. I wonder how many irate calls were received by local affiliates. I just don't get it.

Anyway, I best run...too much to do.


Anonymous said...

LOL, okay I think I can top you forgetting the camera. We went to visit my brother in law and his family yesterday ... he had been deployed for 4 motnhs and we hadn't seen him or his wife and the kids since Christmas .... David and I BOTH took our cameras ... so we had 2 of them ... but neither of us took any pictures, LOL! How dorky are we?!

Hope your trees start producing!! We've been watching our garden everyday and I think we're about to start seeing some goodies! Can't wait!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh yeah, look at your book! Isn't that just the coolest thing, I love that I won one, but it's so awesome that it comes in signed by the author. For a book nerd like me, it's just so cool! And look at you, lots of good books to read. Hope you get some time this summer to enjoy the weather, rest, relax and read a little :)

Have a great day!

Melody said...

Hey Debi, congrats on winning the book! Happy reading. :D

gail said...

The book I won from Katrina's place was signed too! How fun! I'm glad everyone's seem to be signed that I've heard about.