Sunday, July 29, 2007

and that's what we've been doing...

No earth-shattering news from our home this week. Was pretty much same old, same old here...

The kids spent lots of time trading Pokemon cards...they just never seem to tire of this. But it's really nice that they have something that they all can enjoy together.

They also spent a lot of time in their little pool. Annie logged the most water time, as the boys tend to get cold much quicker.

Annie had her final two soccer games of the season. Her team finally got their first (and only) win! And Annie scored her first goal during that game!

Gray had his year-end soccer party. They received their trophies that night, but Gray was much more excited about the water balloon toss.

It probably goes without saying that Gray spent a good deal of time drawing. But he also spent a lot of time reading this week. It's so great to see him finally choosing to read without any prompting from us.

Annie, of course, read up a storm. I think she would perish if she had to go more than a few hours at a time without reading!

And Rich has joined in on the Harry Potter craze! He's still working on his summer science reading list, but he's also decided to tackle all the Harry Potter books this summer. He generally saves his fiction reading for the evening, but he's caught the fever now and read the third book and started the fourth in the past 2.5 days.

And yes, I'm still plugging along on all my reading challenges. But mostly my time is spent working on homeschool prep for the coming school year. And I've also spent a good deal of time moving my considerable supply of scrapbook materials from one room to another. Giving up my scraproom to Annie is harder than I thought it would be. Not that I begrudge her the room...I'm just having a tough time fitting everything into my new space. But I'll figure it all out eventually, I'm sure.

And that wraps up a quick recap of our uneventful lives for this past week. (Hey, this post would make a good sleep-aid, huh?)


Jennifer said...

Uneventful? Sounds pretty busy to me - lots going on!
I know the feeling about the sb room - I don't have a room at all anymore. Now I share my dining space with my scrap space - it's quite interesting, and not very pretty (for dining), but it works for now!

Melody said...

Hey Debi, I'm joining the HP craze as well, hehe. ;)

Jean said...

Ah, but moving stuff is such a wonderful opportunity to get rid of that stuff (paper in your case and textile matter in mine) that you now know you will never, ever use. Just why did I buy that ... or ... I don't remember buying that.

gail@more than a song said...

Moving stuff from one room to another would be very hard, you've been busy! I LOVE the pictures, the kids are so cute in them!
My son & his wife in TX have started reading the Harry Potter books this summer and T told me on the phone the other night that SK had read like books 2-5 or 2-6! Either she's fast or doing an awful lot of reading.

kreed said...

I love reading these posts from you - I feel like I get to catch up on all the good little stuff going on with you guys! Greta pics of the kids!

What happened to Gray's spiky hair? Did he give it up or is it high maintenance enough that it is reserved just for special days?

Carrie! :o) said...

Uh-Oh! I can't see the pics. I get a red x. *sniff-sniff*. Loved reading about what y'all have been up to. Sounds like Annie is a little fish! Good happy summer memories!