Monday, July 23, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Nothing terribly exciting on the menu this week, but at least I got back on track and planned this week. If you'd like to view some much better sounding menus, head over to our lovely hostess Laura's. As always, a big thank you Laura!

breakfast-cold cereal/bananas
supper-pizza party for Gray's soccer team

breakfast-blueberry sour cream muffins (new recipe)/cantaloupe
lunch-grilled cheese/tomato soup/goldfish
supper-pepperoni pasta (new recipe)/Italian bread/salad

lunch-barbecue sandwiches/beans
supper-chicken and rice/broccoli/homemade rolls

breakfast-bagels/orange freezies
lunch-egg salad sandwiches/yogurt
supper-meatloaf/potato salad/oatmeal date muffins (new recipe)

breakfast-scrambled eggs/bacon/English muffins
lunch-bagel sandwiches
supper-burgers/corn on the cob/savory shell salad (new recipe)

And I blew off planning for the weekend, as I'm not sure what we'll be doing. I'm really itching to get away...but we'll see. If we stay home, I'm going to try to remember to try Carrie's recipe for Chicken and Pepper Jack Taquitos...they sound so yummy!


gail@more than a song said...

I can just never seem to plan for the weekend anymore, with just 2 of us it's too easy to decide to do something spur of the moment!
I'm really wanting a blt this week if I can find "real" tomatoes...or even a tomato sandwich for me, my favorite!

annie said...

Happy Monday!
Your menu looks delicious & those taquitos does sound good. I make taquitos for matt every week ... I may make a variation of these next time.
My Life as Annie!

Sandra said...

Great menu, everything looks yummy!!!


tegdirb92 said...

yum!! The orange freezies sound really yummy. Have a wonderful week.

kreed said...

Looks like a great menu to me! Still wish I lived closer to benefit from some of your wonderful cooking!

I did have to laugh about your pouty Rich story...Aaron doesn't get pouty often either and it is quite a sight if he does! And believe me, the garage sale and a couple of checks from my dad and grandparents are the only way we got out for our anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Very good menu this week, Debi Doodles! Although, I think I'll pass on the oatmeal date muffins, LOL!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Yum, that all sounds so good Debi! I bought some more blueberries and amm going to make blueberry muffins again this week. I can't decide whether making the recipe I made before, which sounds like the one you're going to try, or the other one I found at AllRecipes, "to die for" blueberry muffins (which had over 1500 reviews!). Decisions, decisions. Yours all sounds so good, and I'm interested in hearing about the "savory shell salad", that sounds good too.

Mmm, I am hungry now!

Have a great day and a great week!

Annie Elizabeth said...

Everything looks yummy!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

I am determined, once school starts, to get everyone at the breakfast table together for a real, hot good-way-to-start-the-day meal. Of course, I'll probably have to get up at 4:30 to do so, but what the hay?