Friday, August 31, 2007

another year under way

Annie and I had our first official day of school for the new year today. I was quite relieved to find Annie just chomping at the bit yesterday, anxious to get started. She didn't even want to wait until today. I was afraid that maybe the novelty of homeschooling had worn off for her and she wouldn't be so thrilled this year. Thankfully, I couldn't have been more wrong.

I have to say that I'm a great deal more relaxed this year. Surviving last year has done a lot for my confidence, I suppose. It's really weird...I'm not nearly as prepared at this point as I'd hoped to be, and yet I'm not stressing about it. Oh, okay, I'm stressing a little, but not nearly as badly as I would have expected knowing myself the way I do.

Today wasn't a heavy-duty day or anything...just getting our feet wet for the new year. Organizing supplies, talking about what we'll be doing, a few review exercises, some fun writing activities, etc. And I gave her some assignments for over the over the long weekend. Her response, "Oh, all my homework is so fun!" I tell you, it certainly makes all the hard work worth to see her so excited about learning again.

And then we have our public school kiddos. The boys don't head back until Wednesday. I guess I shouldn't really say head back when it comes to Max, as this will be his debut. I have to say that sending him off to kindergarten is hitting me so much harder than I would have guessed! Much worse than it did with Annie or Gray. Maybe it's because he's "my baby"...I don't know.

Yesterday was kindergarten orientation. It was a mixed bag. Max didn't do so well at first. The principle called all the kids up so he could read them The Night Before Kindergarten. Every single child willingly went up and sat down to listen. Except Max. He cried, and clung to me, and refused to go. So I went with him. The only parent sitting up there on the floor with the kids. But then something miraculous happened. After the story, the kindergarten teachers came in and gathered up their new charges. I pointed out to Max which teacher was his...and he actually got up and went with her without any hesitation! And after the teachers took them to show them their rooms and whatnot, they went on a practice bus ride. Again he did this of his own free-will! In fact, when he got back, he was talking a mile a minute. He'd had a ball! And he said his teacher is really nice. Enormous sigh of relief!

Maybe Wednesday will go much smoother than I've been imagining. At least as far as Max is concerned. I'll probably still come in the house and bawl my eyes out.


Melissa R. Garrett said...

I am a nervous wreck about sending Jacob off to kindergarten. Hannah just seemed so much more prepared than Jacob at the same age. I don't think I give him enough credt, and I am sure he will do fine. But I worry about things like, will he be able to open his juice box at lunch or remember his book bag at the end of the day? Thank goodness for Hannah, who will be escorting him to class each morning.

Good luck with Annie this school year, and I'll be thinking about you on the first day of "public" school :-)

Carrie! :o) said...

Awwww, Debi. He's spreading his wings. How bittersweet. I'll be thinking of the both of ya on Wednesday! (((Hugs))) I hope he does well and enjoys himself.

As for your new year starting, I'm impressed! It'll be about another week before we start. Rey was supposed to take the girls to Disney for a week but now Sadie doesn't wanna go (*cough-cough*, I don't blame her, LOL) ... he failed to pay his *educational support* payment this payday and I'm about to put my head through the wall, LOL. David actually gave me his credit card tonight and told me to buy the rest (*sigh, I just love that man*). SO, we're waiting on that and *then* we can start. :o)

Jennifer said...

Glad today was a good one. We just ended week 3 today, and it's going surprisingly well. A lot easier than last year for some reason, and I'm not even sure why! Maybe I'm a little more organized and relaxed at the same time this year. Or maybe he's just being more agreeable. Anyway, I'm not complaining.

A practice bus cool is that? I'm glad Max ended up enjoying himself, and I'm sure it's going to be much more difficult for you than it will for him on day one! I can't even imagine sending my baby off...I'd be a mess for sure. But as it stands now, we'll be most likely be homeschooling her as well, so I probably won't have to.
Hope everything goes smoothly next week!

Chris said...

It's great to hear about how well Max did after he got his feet wet :)

My girlfriend was homeschooled and she absolutely loved it. Her brothers and sisters were too (youngest brother still is). I think home schooling is great when done right and it sounds like it's perfect for Annie!

I wish you all the best with the school year. I'm missing the beginning of the school year :( This is the first time that I don't get one. But I have a job now, so I can't whine too much!

Debi said...

I'm so happy to hear your year is off to such a good start! I have to admit that I'm a bit jealous that you'll be homeschooling Ruthi, too. I'd really like to homeschool the boys as well, but for now we've made the decision that public school is their best fit. But we reevaluate constantly there may come a time when they're all here at home. (Which I would personally love!)

Thank you! You really hit the nail on the head when you said that homeschooling seems perfect for Annie! It's almost like it were meant to be for her. She's always been such an avid little reader (having taught herself well before even heading to kindergarten) and she always loved learning about anything and everything. And at first, she really, really loved school. But third grade just seemed to be her undoing. She simply became so bored that she was just losing her zest for learning. But homeschooling has given her the chance to thrive's been wonderful to see! And we're pretty lucky, since Rich teaches at a huge community college...she gets to do all kinds of cool stuff (last year she went to plays and poetry readings and oodles of scientific lectures).
And thanks for mentioning your girlfriend's's nice to hear about "grown-ups" who were homeschooled and are happy they were. Makes some of those little "back-of-the-mind" worries seem less bothersome, if you know what I mean.
And congrats once again on the job...I am truly excited for you! Sounds like a wonderful and rewarding gig...though definitely not an easy one!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Mommas crying when their babies head off to school is a rite of passage, as far as I'm concerned. I hope you do get a good little cry in :)

Seriously, I love reading about Annie and homeschooling. I love that she loves to learn, loves to read and thinks her homework is "fun". That's so incredibly awesome :)

Have a good weekend and school year too!

Dawn said...

That's wonderful news that Annie is so excited about another year of homeschool. I am glad to read that you are a bit more relaxed. I'm sure Max will do just fine. I don't think I've had a year without someone crying. A little teacher TLC works wonders!! Maybe you could pop a picture of the family in his backpack for him. Will he being going all day?

take care,

Quixotical said...

I love reading about Annie's homeschooling. I was taught at home between the ages of 6 and 11, for pretty much the same reason you mentioned for Annie. I'm definitely happy I was homeschooled, and I actually wish circumstances had been different and allowed my mother to continue into the secondary school years.

If I have children, homeschooling is a route I will be seriously considering.

kreed said...

Oh Debi! I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping he runs out the door without a moment's hesitation (well, maybe a little hesitation to boost Mom's spirits on her little guy's first day of school!).