Sunday, August 19, 2007

yearning for some routine

I must say I've really been missing my old blogging routine. Where I posted most days and where I got to catch up with everyone most days. But things have just been so goofy lately. First the computer malfunction and our mini-trip to Canada. And bright and early on the morning after we arrived home and retrieved our computer from its long stay at the shop, my mom arrived to help me with Annie's room. She left this morning, and I've now got a few days to catch up on things around the house (and hopefully get LOTS of homeschool prep done). But Wednesday we're off again. To Canada again. But this time it's just Rich and I...WOOHOO! We're dropping the monkeys off at my parents and heading up to Toronto for a couple of days. (We originally planned to go to NYC, but decided that was too expensive.) Anyway, I'm obviously very excited about our trip, but I'm also longing to get back to some kind of routine around here.

Maybe it's just that I'm so exhausted from the last few days around here. Mom and I worked our butts off! For three straight days we worked. Thursday, we stopped working about 7:00 and all went out for ice cream. But Friday and Saturday, we worked from early in the am to late in the pm. Only stopping for meals (spaghetti, chili, cheesesteaks, etc.) which my wonderful, thoughtful, extremely special husband cooked and cleaned up after! We painted, and painted, and painted. I sewed, and sewed, and sewed. We carried load upon load upon load of crap from Annie's old room upstairs to her new room downstairs. Rich built a "closet" for the room. And we did tons of other little extras. But the results were well worth all our hard work! Annie's new room is absolutely adorable, and she loves it with every fiber of her being! I promise to post some photos as soon as we figure out how to load pictures from our new camera. (Oh, who am I soon as Rich figures out how.)

By the way Mom, if you happen to read're the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you once again!

But I suppose I should go busy with all the things I'm now behind on...laundry, cleaning, meal-planning, etc. I'm now behind on my reading "schedule" as well. Oh well, you can't live life by a script, can you?


Melissa R. Garrett said...

OY! We are doing exactly the same thing here - moving Hannah from her upstairs bedroom to the downstairs bedroom. I'm supposed to be down there painting, but guess what I'm doing instead?? ;-)

Back to the grind, I guess!

Susan said...

No you definitely CANNOT live life by a script. It'll continue to throw you curve balls. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

:-) Susan

Dawn said...

I give you credit for all of that work!!! (Your mom too :) ) I should have been working on the basement this summer but I didn't even get half way through!

Have fun in Canada. :)

take care,

gail@more than a song said...

I miss you being around!
But yay for another trip! How fun, I'd vote for NY but into Canada sounds good too....we've done NY for cheaper but it takes some work. But it was a few years back and I'm sure things have gone up.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I love routine more than most, but you have to break out of it sometime, and it sounds like you're making the best of that! I'm so glad your mom was able to come help and visit, and I just know Annie's room looks great. Hope Rich gets those photos loaded soon! :)

Ooh,a trip for just the TWO OF YOU, how awesome! Hope you guys have a terrific time!!!

Carrie! :o) said...

Oh!! You lucky duck! Y'all are gonna have so much fun. I'm so glad that y'alla re getting away for some *hubba-hubba* time, LOL! You sure deserve it! That's one of the bad things about being a military family. We don't have any family close, so we can't go away alone, sniff sniff. Last year, I did meet my Dad about 4 hours away and he picked up the girls and kept them for a week while David and I went to Arkansas. That was nice. :o)

As for the routine ... I miss mine, too, LOL. I feel soooooo out of sorts lately and it's not gonna get any better. We won't be started school until Sept. 24 this year ... Rey's taking the girls to FL for a week in Sept and that screwed up my planning, UGH! When we do start, I have a feeling y'all my never hear from me again ... just kiddin', LOL!