Monday, September 17, 2007

homeschool happenings and highlights (week 2)

We had another fun week here. Though we ended up a bit behind schedule. But my "new attitude" requires not stressing about it. So I'm not. Really. (I've really had to give up on perfectionism with the adventure of's not fair to Annie or myself!)

So anyway, here's just a bit of what we did...

*Finished up our first mini-unit in math. Just a few odds and ends concerning of elapsed time, working with train/plane schedules, and traveling through time zones. Then we started our next mini-unit, money. So far, we've reviewed using the basic operations with decimals, did some work with exchange rates, and figured out how much to leave for tips. Annie's not loving it, but I think working with "real life" situations is taking some of the boredom out of it for her.

She also plays a math computer game called Math Blockout at least once a week. And does math puzzles of various types.

*For poetry, we focused on odes. We read "Ode to Autumn" by Keats, as well as a few contemporary odes such as "Ode to Pablo's Tennis Shoes" by Gary Soto. Annie also wrote an ode, which I hope she'll post at her blog later.

*We baked Triple Chocolate Cookies (our recipe for Pennsylvania)...Annie actually baked them almost entirely by herself, with just some guidance from me. I was really proud of her...this is generally not the kind of thing she has the patience for.

We then covered New Jersey and Georgia. (We'll be baking a Georgia recipe today.)

*For Natural History of New York, we talked about the birds of NY. We did some birding in our own backyard and neighborhood. And Annie and Rich took "field trips" to two different local parks to do some additional bird-watching.

*Still working on Rocks and Minerals unit. Did a couple labs this week--growing crystals and identifying minerals (by examining luster, testing hardness, calculating density, etc.).

*Annie took a class in tissue paper collage at a local YMCA that offers classes for homeschooled kids.

*She also took an orienteering class (at the same place).


Melissa R. Garrett said...

WOW! I wish I could have had YOU as a teacher growing up - Annie is sure a lucky girl to have such a special mom as you :-)

kreed said...

I know where to go for my lesson plans if I ever homeschool! It is amazing how mature Annie is looking - they grow up so darn fast! Wish I were around to have a couple of those cookies and a slice of your peach bread...we have some great Colorado peaches here right now that I bet would make some really yummy bread!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Wow, that is such a varied, diverse set of things to be involved in. I really loved reading about it :)

Hope you guys have a great week with your studies this week too!

gail@more than a song said...

Yay for you on your new attitude and not stressing about it, way to go! Love the pics, the cookies look outstanding. Looks like y'all are doing a lot so far.
I think my oldest did a science project on crystals one year, fun times.

Melody said...

I share the same thoughts as Melissa. :)

And those cookies look delicious! I LOVE cookies! Yum Yum!!!

Have a great study week!

Anonymous said...

I just love posts like this! Annie is so lucky to have you. Y'all are having so much fun (Yes, you are, LOL)!!! I'm soooooooo loving all the pictures of Annie in action. She's such an adorable lil' student! I bet that girl is smart as a whip, too!

Hope the end of the week goes good for ya! Today was another awesome day here. I have FINALLY found what works and it feels so darn good!