Sunday, September 30, 2007

homeschool happenings and highlights (week 4)

Not a lot of excitement this week, school-wise. It was one of those week's where there were just so many other things going on...Max's birthday, Annie's yearly physical and Max's yearly physical (on different days, unfortunately), etc. And then Annie got sick. Weeks like that have a way of throwing us off of our game.

*We continued with money-related math this week. Discounts and taxes and simple- and compound-interest. I bought Annie Danica McKellar's book, Math Doesn't Suck this week. Most of it will be review for her...but I'm hoping it will be "fun" review, maybe give her a new perspective.

*We baked Boston Brown Bread (our Massachusetts recipe, obviously). Then moved on to Maryland, followed by South Carolina. Part of what we're doing in covering each state is watching the corresponding segment from the History Channel's The States. Pretty good show.

*On Wednesday, Annie had another class at the YMCA that offers classes for homeschoolers. This was an all-day class in drama. She absolutely loved this one!

*We started a new literature selection...MacBeth. Rich, Annie, and I are reading this one aloud, and are having a ball doing it! After we finish, we'd like to watch a movie version, but I've found there are many out there to choose from. If anyone has a suggestion, I would be very appreciative.

*We tried watching a program about Bach, but gave up on was just so horribly dry. Watched a program of Bach cantata performances instead...much better!


Jennifer said...

OK Debi, can I just send CJ to you for school? You always seem to be doing something fun and exciting. When he was younger, we did lots of fun things. I don't know what happened, but I just don't even feel like doing the fun stuff anymore. And honestly, if I do try to do something fun, he doesn't seem all that interested. School days are fairly boring around here. I think he'd have more fun at your house!!! ;0)

And that bread looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I've got THE BEST idea!! Two Words .... FIELD TRIP!! What better way to study South Carolina than to come visit?? HEEHEE! Is Annie keeping a scrapbook or anthing of these states? If so, and ya need me to send ya anything, just let me know!

gail@more than a song said...

My daughter the history major/grad student would probably love y'all's study of the states you're doing! It sounds like fun....that bread looks good.
I have no idea about a MacBeth movie, although it seems like we used to have a tape of it around here somewhere that the kids used once....if I find it I'll let you know, or maybe it was Hamlet?!!

kreed said...

Fun stuff! And what are you doing with yourself when Annie is gone to the YMCA? Doesn't that mean you might have - gasp - a couple of hours to yourself?

Dawn said...

Oh I just love Boston Brown bread. YUM!!!! You and Annie do the best things :) :)

take care,