Sunday, September 16, 2007

our week in snippets

*The boys had a rough start to the school week. The weekend break had obviously thrown off all momentum. It wasn't until Thursday that we had another tearless day. I'm not looking forward to what tomorrow will bring after another 2-day break.

*Wednesday and Thursday evenings were spent at school for Curriculum Nights. (Wed. for Max's class/Thurs. for Gray's.) It's just a night where the parents meet with their kiddo's teacher and she talks about all that will be going on in the classroom this coming year. The highlight was seeing the little journal in which Gray and his teacher write to each other. I think this is just the coolest idea...and she said she's learning so much about each of the kids this way. One of the things that Gray wrote to her: "My sister called me brainless." She wrote back asking him why his sister would ever say that. His response: "Because when I'm at home, I'm weird." Rich and I were nearly rolling on the floor reading this discussion.

*Rich found out that he is getting a 2-week, all expenses paid, trip to the Bahamas in January. He'll be helping to teach a field class there. Unfortunately he won't be getting any extra pay for doing it, but how do pass up an opportunity like that, huh? And of course, while he's off in the sunny Bahamas, I will be here in snowy upstate NY. So not only will I have 3 munchkins (one of whom is homeschooled), 1 dog, 1 cat, 5 mice, 1 behemoth goldfish, 1 tarantula, and numerous guppies and snails to take care of, I'll also be stuck with show-shoveling duties. Ugh. And believe me, when you live in the snow belt along the Great Lakes, that means a lot of shoveling. Not that we get tons of major dumpings (usually just a few a winter), but we get 2-4 inches nearly every single day during January and February. Why couldn't this trip be in May?!! (Yeah, I know, I know, quit whining. It's not the end of the world. But I truly am not looking forward to it! Heck, just the thought of being without my sweetie for two weeks makes me want to cry.)

*Baker went to the vet. Checking up on his thyroid. He's lost another 2 pounds...which makes a total of 5 in the last 7 months. He vet was very pleased!

*Inspired by Chris to clean up my sidebar a bit, I moved all my reading challenge lists over to a separate blog, reading challenge obsessed.... Oh my, it's a bit daunting seeing them all together there on their own little blog. I'm in over my head!

*Annie and I had a busy week, but I'll cover that in a separate post.


Dawn said...

You've had a busy week. I have two parent nights this week. One as the teacher and one as the parent. I hope the transition to school is an easier one this week for you and the boys.

I like the journal writing with the teacher. What a nice idea.

That's some trip Rich will be taking. I would be a bit sad myself about the snow removal :)

take care,

Chris said...

What a week! The journal idea with the teacher is great! That's something that should be used more often in the classroom with young kids. It really lets the teacher get to know their kids and let's the kids get more comfortable with the teacher.

I miss my challenge lists in the sidebar, but at the same time it's so nice not to have that clutter! It was getting out of control and the sidebar just went down too far. It is quite daunting seeing them all in one place though, isn't it?! I like it's cool that they have their own place.

Jean said...

Maybe Rich should contract with a teenage neighbor to handle shoveling duties in his absence. Aside from taking you with him, it seems like the least he could do.

Melody said...

Hope you have a great week ahead, Debi!

The shoveling job sure sounds tough. I hope you will find someone to help you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Debi! I'm so sorry Rich is gonna be away. No matter where it is, it's not fun missing them so much. Just think how full your heart will be when he returns, though. I always love that feeling. :o)

As for the journal, I totally love that idea. What a wonderful teacher to be so *in touch* with her students. I may do something like that with the girls. That's such a sweet idea.

I sure hope tomorrow morning goes smoothly. (((Debi)))

kreed said...

I hope tomorrow is tearless...that can't be fun for anyone and is I'm sure hardest on you!

Maybe it won't snow much while Rich is gone (I know, I know, that whole when pigs fly thing, but I can hope for you, can't I?).

gail@more than a song said...

I hope the week starts off ok!

I remember parent nights at school, I kinda miss them. What a great idea about the journal with Gray & his teacher! That will be a nice keepsake if you get them at the end of the year.
Yay for Rich but sorry you'll be by yourself with everything plus shoveling!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Wow, I am always so impressed with just how much you pack into a day or week Debi!

I think that idea of the journal between the student and teacher is an awesome idea! I have not heard of that, but I think it's great. Sounds like your boys are in a good school system and have some caring, dedicated teachers.

You know, I don't think I'd be too happy about having all of that snow-shoveling duty either, on top of everything else, while the hubby is off in the sunny Bahamas. I am already hoping you don't get much snow in that time period. :)

Wow, a whole blog for reading challenges! I'll have to go add that to my blog list :)