Monday, October 01, 2007

a different perspective

I admit it...I love all times of the year. I feel so lucky to live in a place where we get to fully enjoy each and every season. Each season has such wonderful things to offer.

And here we are in October did that happen, by the way?!! October is such a delightful month. One with a uniqueness unparalleled. I mean, when else do we get to carve pumpkins and put on costumes and eat unhealthy amounts of candy and celebrate all that scares us silly? The air is cooler and holds that refreshing crispness, the cornfields take on that "autumn look", the trees paint the hillsides.

This October may be a bit different around here this year though. Gray (self-proclaimed "medium kid") is really going through a "terrified of his own shadow" phase. We're going to have to be careful about our nightly Halloween reads this year. And the movies we choose for the haunting season. I even had to pack a few decorations back up that were simply too much for him.

That's just fine though. For all we forego on his account this year, he'll give back tenfold. Gray, with all his sensitivity, brings us gifts of his own uniqueness. He makes us ponder with his limitless curiousity...last night he asked us what number came right before infinity. And he never fails to astound us and make us smile with his boundless creativity.

And you know, he's even adding his own little imagination into this season of spooks and chills. At the supper table the other night, we were all discussing the things that scare us. Annie said she was afraid of sliding down the pole at the playground. And she was also afraid of spiders. Ever-brave Max declared he wasn't afraid of anything.

Then Gray spoke up. "I'm afraid of being alone."

Short pause.

"In a big room."

Another short pause.

"With marble floors."

Gotta say, he gave me a little shiver there.


Jean said...

Ooh, what an image little Gray projects! It made me shiver, too. What really neat kids you have! So different yet I can see some similarities between them just from your postings. I once said that if I ever had kids, I just didn't want to have average kids. I don't think that's what either of us have! But it's fun even with the challenge of it.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

The number right before infinity? WOW!! I'm not sure I have ever pondered that before - what a bright and exceptional little boy you have (well, ALL your kids seem exceptional to me!).

Chris said...

I think you may have a little author growing up before your eyes ;) So, um...what number DOES come before infinity? lol...It sounds like you have the coolest little household! I'm having fun getting to know y'all through blogland :)

call*me*kate said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope Gray gets through this phase o.k. It's interesting how kids are bothered by things, sometimes suddenly, sometimes off and on. Kids take in all their experiences so fully - you never know how they will react to something. Keeps us guessing!

Have a great week!

kreed said...

That image conjures up horror movies and high heels clicking on floors...not sure if those two things go together, but Gray got me freaked out and got my ankles hurting!

We had a huge spider here last night that about sent me running for the hills and I don't even normally mind spiders...but tell Annie we'll have them all eradicated before you all come for a visit -hint!hint! (although I suppose it is our turn to come see you!)

gail@more than a song said...

I also can't believe it's October!
I'm a big kid, and still in a terrified of my own shadow phase! Don't like being alone either, marble floors or not. I can't stand it when Don has to be out of town...wasn't as bad when kids were around but I'm not fond of it now.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! That's deep!! I tell ya what. He's just way too precious!

I love October, too. My very favorite months are Sept, Oct, and Nov! November is my favorite and it has nothing to do with the fact that it's my birthday, LOL!

cj said...

Being new to your blogs, I'm not entirely sure who Gray is, but he already sounds like the master of suspense!