Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hour 24...over already

Minutes: 52 (Other 8 spent on previous update.)

Current book: Still The Wright 3. Didn't quite get it finished.

Pages: 59

Misc. comments: I can't believe it's over! It got pretty rough for a while, but at this point I wish we were still going.

Totals tally--a final summation:

Minutes (this is actual reading time): 958...If I've figured correctly, and that's a big "if" at this point, that's 15 hours and 58 minutes.

Pages: 660...Yes, I'm a very slow reader!

*A Time To Kill by John Grisham...I started this book long before the Readathon, finished up the last 160-ish pages.

*The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury

*The Cobra Event by Richard Preston...Read first 80 pages before switching books. Switched because the print was small and my eyes were blurring, not because I wasn't enjoying the book.

*The Wright 3 by Blue Balliett...Read the first 271 pages. Less than 50 to go.


Chris said...

Congrats on the Read-a-thon!

Nymeth said...

Congratulations on making it all the way to the end! You did splendidly, Debi!

Nyssaneala said...

Congrats on making it to the end, and winning a prize! I think you did a great job!

iliana said...

You made it to the end! Yay!! I can't wait for the next one already :)