Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hours 9 and 10

Minutes: 80 (Other 40 minutes spent writing last post, visiting Hour 9's featured readers, making a frozen pizza, cleaning up the leftovers, brushing teeth, getting dang dog his pill, letting dang dog in and out AGAIN, and feeding dang dog, dang cat, dang mice, dang fish, and dang tarantula.)

Book: Still reading The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury

Pages: 62

Misc. comments: Hour 9's challenge was to visit featured readers--1. Jessica, who got a bit of a late start but we're so glad she joined in. She's reading Norwegian Wood. 2. Alison, who is reading Pretties, the second in a series I'm really hoping to read one day soon. And 3. Deb, who is reading The Book of Vice. Never heard of that one before, but it looks like it might be interesting.

Totals tally:

Minutes: 452

Pages: 292

*A Time to Kill by John Grisham (started before readathon)


Chris said...

About to hit the 300 page mark! You're almost half way through already! Eyes getting tired yet? ;)

robert d said...

Wow! If I am understanding things correctly you are all reading something for 24 hrs straight. Not sure if I agree with the methodology. I could better understand the desired effect if you were all writing something for 24 hrs. But as it has been revealed many times, the magic is in the doing, so perhaps over the course of your strivings you will be visited by a appirition.

I visited one of your other blogs and saw the snap with the entrance way garden. I thought it very nice.

Life is good,


iliana said...

Hey you finished a book - congrats!

Callista said...

LOL your minute tally had me laughing. I've had major distractions too. Kid one, Kid two and now headache.

Callista said...

The Halloween Tree is one of my favs! Keep up the good work.