Sunday, October 07, 2007

this past week

For whatever reason, be it chronic sleep deprivation, or more likely simple laziness, I just can't seem to organize my thoughts here. So I'm just going to throw them out there all willy-nilly.

*Annie was sick this past week, so we didn't get a lot done in the way of "school" stuff. She's feeling much better, but is definitely not back to normal yet. The good news: not a single sign of asthma during this whole illness!!!

*Still reading Halloween picture books to the boys each night. Picked up a few more at the library Friday. I have fallen totally in love with one of them, Halloween Night by Elizabeth Hatch. The story is cute enough, but it is the artwork by Jimmy Pickering that has me wanting to go out and purchase my own copy of this book.

*We'd hoped to go to the local nursery/Halloween heaven yesterday, but found it just waaaaaaay too jam-packed with people. Decided we'll try some evening during the week instead. But we headed to the grocery store to pick up some cider and donuts so our trip out wouldn't be a complete waste. (And we actually picked up some pumpkins there at Wegmans...they had some beauties!)

*The munchkins and I watched Return to Halloweentown last night. (Rich was busy walking the pooch and then jogging--or as he calls it, his "campaign to stay not dead.") The movie was okay, cute in that pre-teen Disney sort of way. The kids really enjoyed it, and that's what mattered.

*This weekend was the local library's fall book sale. I get so giddy in the weeks before these things! And being members of the Friends of the Library has its advantages...getting first dibs at the members only sale the day before it's open to the general public. We spent a whopping $10.70! For 21 books! This is my own personal haul. Annie, of course, found a pile for herself, Rich found a few, and I found a couple my mom has been wanting. So, all in all, a pretty successful outing for us!

My pile is definitely Stephen King heavy. There was a time...back in high school and through much of my 20s...that I devoured everything he wrote as soon as it came out. But then for whatever reason, my interest just waned. But something has re-sparked that interest, so I decided to pick up some of the books I missed during my long hiatus. (Actually think I read The Dark Half, but I honestly can't remember it.)

*After leaving the book sale, we headed to Borders. Hey, one can never get enough books, right? No, actually we went with a specific purpose in mind. We had a 40% off coupon for a particular book we wanted to buy someone (who shall remain nameless) for Christmas. But, of course, it's nearly impossible to get off that easily, right? I just couldn't help myself...I had to buy Cross now that it's out in paperback. And I actually started reading it last night...I was just too tired to focus fully on Frankenstein. Anyway, this is the first book in what seems like forever that I'm not reading for either homeschooling or for a reading challenge.

*I finally managed to get a few more Halloween cards made this week. Of course, the big question still remains...will I actually get around to mailing any of them?

Okay, okay, I have babbled on for far too long, so I guess I should go be productive or something.


Jean said...

Our big library book sale is in the spring; the one in the fall is much smaller. We usually don't go until the last day or two when everything is half the original discounted price or lower. That's how the kids scored the complete set of the Great Books for something like $25 or $30. So when do we get to see Annie's pile? Or is that on her blog?

Amanda said...

The Halloween book looks very cute...I'll have to try and find it. Is it strange that I have only read one Stephen King book... EVER? I've seen plenty of movies based on his books, but have never read them. Some reader I am!

Chris said...

I've been blog-lazy too :/ I haven't been posting lately...lacking motivation over here! Sorry to hear that Annie's been sick, hope she's back to herself soon!

That Halloween book looks great. I love kids picture books :) I may have to keep an eye out for that one. 21 books for $10?!! I wonder when our library's next sale is...should be one soon.

I love your Halloween cards! They're great. You do some amazing work!

kreed said...

I think that jogging would possibly kiil me instead of keeping me not dead...I am doing well to get in a two mile walk 3 or 4 days a week!

Oooh...gotta love a library book sale. Our library has actually quit doing them and now has carts of books that are always for sale. Hard to pass them up when they only cost a dime! Let me know how it goies with Mr. King...I also used to read everyhting he wrote, but haven't read a book by him in ages.

Hope everyone is healthy now at your house...and ggod news on the absence of the asthma. Is she maybe outgrowing it - does that happen?

Melody said...

I hope Annie is feeling much better!

I agree with the others that the Halloween book looks great. It's always a pleasure leafing through the children's books. The pictures on them usually make me smile.

Anonymous said...

Lots of sickies going around these days. I'm so sorry Annie was sick, but so thankful her asthma didn't act up! Whew! I know that makes you feel so much better!

I hope this week is better for y'all!

Oh, super cute Halloween cards! LOL, I'm doing good if I get Christmas cards out, LOL, let alone Halloween!

Nymeth said...

$10.70 for 21 is an amazing deal! I'm gonna keep my eyes open for library sales around here.

Sorry to hear that Annie has been ill. But no asthma is good news! My brother had pretty severe asthma when he was young, but from the age of 11 or 12 on he completely ceased to have attacks. Hopefully the same will happen with Annie.

I love love love the Jimmy Pickering artwork you posted!

kreed said...

Yeah...I keep hearing the rumor that garages ar for parking cars. I wouldn't know from personal experience!

BTW, did Max's present ever make it to NY? I didn't insure it or track it, so I figure it is liekly lost in the great beyond.

Debi said...

Our spring sale is much bigger, too. In fact, this one had so little to offer in the way of children's books that the boys didn't get a thing. But after looking at my haul, I'm not going to complain.

I'm not surprised you haven't been reading've been too busy reading everything else ever published!

Bet you'll have plenty of fodder for posts coming up here with your new job starting, huh? Hopefully, you won't be too tired to join us here in blogland!

I'm with you...I think jogging would be the end of me! But you're doing faaaar better than least you're walking.
Wonder what it is with King. Something you sort "outgrow" maybe. And now maybe I'm going through a mid-life crisis?

There really is just something magical about some picture books, isn't there?

Thanks! You're always so sweet!

That's great about your brother! I think Annie is heading in the same direction. When she was younger, she had some really, really bad times. But I honestly think she's getting past it. She hasn't been hospitalized in almost 5 years now, and has had only minor incidents in the past couple years.
Glad you enjoyed the art as well...I was just thoroughly enchanted by it!

Dawn said...

The art work in those books looks great! I can see why you are enjoying them.

I love Stephen King. I was like you devouring all of his books as soon as they came out. I have a couple that I still need to read. I think Dream Catcher is the last one I started and I don't think I ever finished it.

Oh, I hope Annie is feeling better.

take care,

tanabata said...

Your Halloween cards are great! I made my Christmas/New Years cards last year and plan to again this year but I didn't get around to making anything else this year.
Hope Annie's feeling better.

Dewey said...

Wow, I absolutely love the artwork in the Halloween book. I'll have to look for more of that illustrator's work. Hope you get some good sleep soon!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great post, lots of news! Hope Annie is feeling much better now :)

Ooh, you know I would zero in on the library sale. Great haul! I'd say "heavy on Stephen King" is right on track, LOL! I bet that was a fun day, library and then Borders, sounds like my kind of day.

Very cute cards too, you've been uber-productive lately, huh?!

Have a wonderful week!!!

Carl V. said...

Jimmy Pickering is amazing. I'm gonna have to get that book.

Love Annie's shirt!