Friday, November 30, 2007

just plain boring...

I've come to the conclusion that that is simply the best phrase to describe me. So, how did this revelation come about? Well, revelation is not the correct word...I've known I'm boring for quite some time. I just didn't quite realize how boring I am until Dewey tagged me with "7 weird facts about me" meme-y thing. She has this really interesting list posted, but I've been racking my brain for the past few days and can't come up with a single thing that is not totally snooze-worthy. (In other words, please feel free to stop reading this post now.)

7 possibly weird, but so not tantalizing things about me:

1. I don't own a dishwasher. I don't even want a dishwasher. Washing dishes is one of those household chores I actually enjoy. I enjoy ironing, too. But rarely have to do much anymore as Rich prefers the "rumpled professor" look and refuses to allow me to iron his clothes.

2. As much as I do love movies, I can't seem to make myself actually go to a movie theater. I have a hard time sitting still, and always seem to need to be doing something with my hands. Seriously, the last movie I saw in a theater was Lethal Weapon 3. When was that? Early 90's, I think. So many times a movie comes out, and I get soooo tempted, but I just can't ever seem to follow through.

3. I don't sort laundry. Which doesn't seem to fit into my personality. I'm so darn particular about so many things, so not sorting laundry just seems to go against "the real me". But we just have so much stinkin' laundry around here that I can no longer be bothered. Besides that, I have been working very hard to let go of some of those "anal retentive" tendencies.

4. Dewey mentioned on her list that she despises shopping. Ditto for me. (Unless you count book stores.) I don't want to steal her answer, but this did lead me to a few other stereotypical female traits which just don't apply to me. Rich has twice as many clothes as I do. Rich has probably four times as many shoes. Rich takes twice as long to get ready for the day. But each of those things is more a reflection on me than it is on Rich. Add to that, I'm not a jewelry person. Not that I don't like jewelry...I can particularly appreciate fun, funky, artsy jewelry...but I just never wear it.

5. Despite the fact that Rich's parents offered to send us wherever we wanted for our honeymoon, we chose to hike on the Appalachian Trail.

6. I despise talking on the telephone. Just can't stand it. Don't know why. Have never owned a cell phone. Can't imagine ever owning one. Hate driving, too. Only do it when I have to. And I don't even know how to pump pathetic is that?!!

7. My favorite beverage is Wegmans brand diet tonic water. I drink a liter nearly every day. In the evening, I occasionally add gin...but for the most part I just drink it from the bottle (the tonic, that is, not the gin).

I think I may have mentioned some of these things in memes in the past, but as I said, I'm simply not a fount of interesting tidbits. But hey, it probably is weird to be this incredibly boring, huh?


Jean said...

Interesting. I don't sort laundry washing either except for a few "delicate" items. I do, however, sort the drying. If the label says dry on low heat, I dry it on low heat. I dislike very much making phone calls, but I have had a cell phone for years, ever since elder son called from the middle school saying that he couldn't go on the "reward" trip to the paint ball place because 10-year-olds weren't allowed but if I gave permission on the phone he could go bowling. Since all this was left on the answering machine because I was running errands, said son had to stay at school and miss out on the fun. I went out and got a cell phone the next day and have always listed it as my work number on school forms. Now that there are no school forms (kids are in or out of college), I still carry it.

And in terms of weird facts about you, Debi, how about that you are addicted to reading challenges?

Chris said...

Debi! You are so hard on yourself, lol! You're far from boring. I come over here every day hoping for a new post and it's because I find you very interesting, not boring! All of us wouldn't read your blog if you were boring ;)

If you like ironing so much I might start mailing you my shirts! Shipping would be a lot cheaper than the weekly dry cleaning bill, lol!

And I think it's so cool that you and Rich went hiking for your honeymoon! That's such a neat idea. Much better than Disney World or a cruise (no offense to anyone who did that for their honeymoon).

And you cracked me up with the last bit about drinking it straight from the bottle, the water not the gin, LOL

~**Dawn**~ said...

1. The dishwasher is one of my favorite appliances. I still wash my pots & pans & things that can't go in the dishwasher, but washing & drying dishes was my chore growing up, and I am all maxed out on it.

3. OMG. You're going to make me twitchy. I am only one person & I sort. Lights. Darks. Sheets & towels. Delicates. And then a bleach load about once a month.

4. I *hate* shopping. I hate trying on clothes. I hate shopping for shoes. I only do these things when absolutely necessary.

6. I once was adamant about never owning a cell phone. I do now & can't imagine not having it. It provides me with such a sense of safety. But I think the catch to that is the only people who have either of my phone numbers are people I *really* like talking to. Because I do not really enjoy talking on the phone that much.

twiga92 said...

Well, if you're boring then so am I cuz I'm also blech about jewelry and shopping (except books of course). Just not into it. I don't sort laundry either. I just wash and dry it (unless it's brand new and a bright color - then it goes with darks).

Jennifer said...

You are so funny. I don't think you are boring - if I did, I wouldn't keep coming back! But I think I'm a pretty boring person too, so maybe I'm just in good company - LOL!
I'd love to send some ironing to you too - I LOATHE ironing. I had to iron for hours at a time for my mom when I was young, and so now I avoid it at all costs! And I don't hate washing dishes, but I sure do enjoy my dishwasher!

Dewey said...

Ha ha, enjoying dishes, that seems pretty weird to me. ;) I hate talking on the phone, too, though.

Nymeth said...

Debi, do you think we'd all like you so much if you were boring? :P You are much too hard on yourself. I enjoyed reading your list, just like I enjoy reading all your posts.

Like you, I am not fond of talking on the phone. Actually, the only thing in that list I find a bit weird is the fact that you enjoy ironing :P I absolutely loathe it. It probably helps that it gives me terrible back pains.

Melody said...

I don't own a dishwasher too, Debi. I'd rather wash the dishes myself because it's cleaner that way, ha! I hate ironing and folding clothes, although I don't mind letting them out to dry.

gail@more than a song said...

I love my dishwasher, shopping and probably talking on the phone too!

Now did y'all hike the whole AT or how much? We've done just some day hiking on it once to a certain point and Smoky Mts and had an interesting encounter with a bear!

Somer said...

If you're boring, I must be, too, because I identified with almost all of these things!

I'm like you about movies, but the opposite. I have a hard time sitting still at home long enough to watch a movie, so if I really want to see something, I'll see it in the theater.

I rarely sort laundry. Like you, I just have to much to do so throw whatever needs to be washed in. If I have more time and tons of laundry, I'll sort just to have a system.

My husband and I honeymooned in the Great Smokey Mountains.

I hate the telephone, but I do have a cell phone for convenience and a sense of safety.