Monday, December 10, 2007

in my little world of reading these days...

Little may be the key word there, at least if we're talking a list of what I've gotten read. It seems to be taking me forever to finish a book these days. You know, I was thrilled a while back when I realized that I really could read more than one book at a time without becoming muddled and confused. But I think I've taken the idea too far, and now I'm reading so many at one time that it takes forever to finish anything.

This is the list of books I've currently got underway:
*The Tale of Despereaux (reading to the boys)
*When Santa Fell to Earth (reading as a family)
*The Secret Life of Germs (reading for homeschooling)
*Alice in Sunderland (my first venture into the world of graphic novels)
*The Cobra Event (started reading back in September(?) and still haven't finished, despite the fact that I'm enjoying it)
*M is for Magic (still trying to sneak in a short story here and there)
*A Christmas Carol (started reading this with Rich and Annie last night)
*American Gods (started this one yesterday, simply because I couldn't wait any longer)

I actually allowed myself to start American Gods because I finally finished up Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I won't review it, because I'm sure that anyone with any interest in reading these already has. And I should say that my failure to read this whole series before now has absolutely nothing to do with my feelings about them. I absolutely loved the first two, which I originally read almost eight years ago when I was pregnant with Gray. I'm sure no one really wants an in-depth tale of my battles with hyperemesis. Simple version: hyperemesis gravidarum is NOT morning sickness. It is like morning sickness in that occurs during pregnancy. But it is a truly debilitating condition, marked by non-stop nausea, persistent vomiting, weight loss, and severe dehydration. As I always say, it's the only effective weight loss plan I've ever found. Anyway, as with many other sufferers of hyperemesis, movement of any kind exacerbated things. Not just physical movement, but seeing movement (sort of like motion sickness). Watching TV was definitely not an option! In fact, aside from praying to die, trying to sleep as much as possible, and frequent hospitalizations for IV re-hydration, about the only think I could do was read (as long as I closed my eyes when turning the pages, that it).

And back to Harry was during my battle with HG during my pregnancy with Gray that I first read the first two Harry Potter books. And though I thoroughly enjoyed them, I could never bring myself to read the subsequent ones as they came out. You know how it is after you have the flu, when you can't bring yourself to eat whatever it was that you ate right before it hit, for years afterwards? Same kind of thing. Any mention of Harry Potter could send my flying to bathroom.

But I'm happy to say, I'm finally past that stage, and hope to be enjoying the rest of the series throughout the coming year. Well, if I can ever finish all the other books I've got started, that is...


Chris said...

I had never heard of Hyperemesis. That's god awful! So sorry you had to go through that Debi! I'm surprised you ever picked up a book again, much less a Harry Potter book! Thank God it doesn't last past the pregnancy.

In the book world, you have an amazing set of books going on right now!! I'd take as long as you can with those because you can't find a much better group ;) 2 Gaiman's, a DiCamillo, a cool graphic novel, and some Dickens?! How cool!

Debi said...


I really shouldn't complain...for me, the hyperemesis was usually winding down by about 16-ish weeks (it was worse with each pregnancy), but for a few horribly unlucky women it lasts the entire pregnancy.

Can you believe this is the first Dickens I've ever read?!!

Jean Pierre said...

I LOVED AMERICAN GODS!! oh, i loved it! mostly for that most special of feelings... of picking up a book and absolutely getting sucked in and feeling yourself gently nestled in the palm of a very loving author's hand.

i can see why you couldn't resist picking it up - i was also saving it and telling myself i should save it for longer, but then, eventually i didn't have a say in the matter anymore and the book got picked up. the rest was history as i compulsively read it ever day...!

i really hope you enjoy it!!

Stephanie said...

That's a WHOLE BUNCH of books you have going right now!! I'm duly impressed!!

I can't wait to see what you have to say about American Gods!! That was the first Gaiman I read. (this year to be exact!) And now he is fast becoming one of my very favorites. I loved American Gods!!

Chris said...

Debi, You have all the right in the world to complain, lol! 16 weeks is 16 weeks too long to have to go through that. I've only read one Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities, and I absolutely loved it. I've seen plenty of the Masterpiece Theatres based on his books and I've been meaning to read more, but haven't yet!

And ditto to Jean Pierre's comment! You already know how I feel about American Gods :) It's such a phenomenal book! Not one to read aloud with the family though ;)

Nymeth said...

Like Chris, I had never heard of Hyperemesis.. I'm so sorry you had to go through that :( I'm glad you're picking up Harry Potter again, though. It is truly a great series.

I know how you feel about reading so many books at once. It's good in one sense, but it also makes me restless because if I don't finish anything I feel like I'm not progressing (which is silly, because progressing in the several books does count, but oh well).

Anyway, you are reading such GREAT books! Despereaux, American Gods, Alice in Sunderland, A Christmas Carol... I love them all. A Chrismas Carol was my first Dickens too, and the only one so far. I really need to read more of his stuff.

Dewey said...

I empathize; I am reading very slowly these days, too. Maybe it's the holidays?

raidergirl3 said...

I also only recently learned that a person could read more than one book at a time. I try, but I feel like i'm not getting anywhere with any paraticular book, and then suddenly, one takes over and has to get finished.
Isn't Despereaux wonderful! I had to run out and buy a copy as soon as I returned the library book. My daughter is getting it for Christmas.

Melody said...

I'm behind with my reading too, Debi! And it doesn't help much since I'm currently reading three books at a time, LOL.

DesLily said...

sheesh! I read one book at a time.. set it down, go to write about it and say "now what was that name?".. I can't imagine trying to remember who was in what story when by reading so many books at once!!! lol..

I totally enjoyed The Tale of Despereaux !

Carl V. said...

That certainly does sound like a good time at all! :)

By the way, thanks for the Christmas card. My wife and daughter commented about how much they like the name 'Gray'. It is very cool. It is the name of one of the characters in Mary Modern, by the way and I really liked the guy.

As I've said before, Despereaux is one of my favorites. Such a wonderful book.

Alice in Sunderland is one I want to get to in the coming year. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. I am looking forward to Dewey's Graphic Novel Challenge as it will help keep me on track with the pile of graphic novels I have laying around here that need to be read.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Well. Let me totally reiterate how incredibly impressed I am at anyone who can read more than ONE book at a time. It is simply something I cannot do. And not just one, but look at all of the great books you have going at once. I stand in awe :)

Happy Reading!!!

kreed said...

That is a lot of books at one time! I always think I'm really cool when I have 2 going at once!