Sunday, January 06, 2008

and it begins...

My two weeks without my sweetie, that is. Yep, Rich left a little while ago for the airport.

But you know how I've been bemoaning the fact that I'll be stuck with extra duties, especially snow shoveling, while Rich is gone. Well, I must be living right or something. Here in our little piece of the Great Lakes snowbelt, January and February typically bring one to four inches of snow nearly every day. Not many big snows, just small snows that need to be dealt with on a daily basis. But this winter, things seems out of whack. We had far more snow than we normally get in the month of December, but January has been off to a very slow start. And how's this for's forecast to not only be above freezing for the next few days, but possibly with record-breaking highs near 60 by Tuesday. So scratch all those complaints, at least for the time being.

I suppose I should warn you, for the next two weeks, this blog will probably be filled with photos of my little hooligans. There are no phones at the research center, and no cell phone reception. (There is an emergency number that one can call and leave a message between certain hours of the comforting.) Anyway, at the small library at the compound, there is a computer that supposedly has internet access. So I promised to keep Rich up-to-date with our goings-on right here on my little snippet of the blogosphere.

So, here you go, Rich. A photo of the time you will miss most...when they're all sleeping, deceiving you into believing they're angels!


Lis Garrett said...

Here's hoping that the next two weeks go by quickly, that you don't have to shovel any snow, that the kids remain as angels, and that Rich comes home safely!

Carl V. said...

I hope you actually enjoyed your time eventhough you will miss your hubbie. We are currently in those wacky 60's temps that you are talking about and it is quite nice...except for the mud created by the melting snow that the dog manages to find every time he goes outside.

Jennifer said...

Talk about wacky weather - it is 67 here today! In JANUARY!! We've been enjoying a little outside time today without having to bundle up! But oh, how I wish we'd get some snow!

Hope the 2 weeks pass by quickly. I'm usually going nuts if mine is gone for just a few days! And I hope for you, the snow stays away while he's gone!

Nymeth said...

I can imagine how much you'll miss him, but don't worry, time has a way of going by surprisingly fast. Before you know it he'll be back with you!

Jean said...

Blaine used to travel A WHOLE LOT back in the first decade of our marriage, when most of his research was done at labs in Europe. One summer he was gone for something like three weeks to Europe then, when he came back, went off to Fermilab near Chicago for a month. He came home one to visit one weekend, arriving around midnight. He woke right up, though, when he saw the "For Sale" sign at the top of the driveway. I borrowed it from a friend. Could have gotten a "Sold" sign to go with it, but figured that might be too cruel.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I've said it before & I'll say it again: blogs are wonderful things, aren't they? =)

cj said...

Hopefully the time will go quickly. And you've got the kids who I'm sure will be happy to help keep you busy.

As for the weather - it has been strange in this neck of the woods (Great Lakes) hasn't it?

It's 38 here at the moment. 38 in January, in the UP of Michigan. That is definitely abnormal. Not that I'm complaining!


Debi said...


Oh, but you do like to dream big, huh? "that the kids remain as angels"...hahahaha!


Yeah, I've got little boys who seem to have a knack for finding the mud, too. Just one of those male genes, I guess. No, come to think of it, Annie was pretty good at it in her day as well.

Jennifer and Nymeth-

I suspect you're right...I'm sure overall the two weeks will fly by. Time has a way of doing that, for better or worse.


Now, that was a brilliant move! Bet the look on his face was priceless!


They most definitely are, for so many reasons!


I didn't realize that you lived in the UP. I've always thought that would be such a beautiful place to live. But the cold would probably change my mind in no time.

gail@more than a song said...

What cute pictures! And a great way to keep up, hope the time passes quickly for you Debi....I'm missing my blog! Stacy is having server problems or rather hard drive issues so we're down! Hopefully they'll get it going soon.

Debi said...


I wondered why I couldn't visit you all! Hope all is fixed soon!

cj said...

Debi -

Yup. Yooper born, Yooper bred and pretty proud of it. The cold gets to you, especially when it goes on and on but you can't beat the summers or the greatest of the Great Lakes.