Sunday, February 17, 2008

another week of good stuff

Lying in bed Friday night, I decided that I was taking the week off from blogging. This is winter break here in our little neck of the woods, and it exquisitely wonderful that Rich's college always has winter break matching up with the local school districts. Equally as wonderful is the fact that my birthday always falls during winter break, and it has become somewhat of a tradition for my parents to watch the monkeys for a few days during the week as part of my birthday present. Anyway, I have these somewhat ridiculous ideas about all I can get accomplished during this week (finish up at least 3 books, make at least 10 scrapbook layouts, finish up a lot of lesson plans, etc.)...but figure that I've got a much better shot at reaching these goals if I just make myself stay off the computer. Doesn't look like I'm doing so well, huh? It's not quite as bad as it seems's just that I remembered that I'd already had this draft started for this week's good stuff, so I decided that I ought to just go ahead and post it.

*the return of Jericho (yes, I am slightly obsessed)

*Gray's beautiful Valentine art (though my photographic skills don't do it justice)

*conversation hearts (yes, I know I've said that before, but I just love those little nuggets of flavored sugar)

*and while I'm on the subject of Valentines, there's Dawn's post on love that I thought was quite beautiful (unfortunately I couldn't post to the exact post, but it's entitled "the greatest contradiction" if you decide to pop on over to read it)

*and while I'm on the subject of posts by fellow bloggers, there's this one by Jean about working the polls on election day

*fairy tales

*Uno winning the Westminster Dog Show...go beagles!

*and while I'm on the subject of beagles, there's this photo of my favorite one along with my favorite guy

*the start of winter break

Can't wait to catch up with everyone next Sunday!


Joy said...

I just LOVE the picture of your dog and husband!!! :)

cj said...

The Valentine is so incredibly sweet! I was pulling for Uno. He is just the sweetest.

And speaking of sweet - I'd say that applies to both the pooch and the hubby.

Have a great week off!


Jean said...

The photo of Rich and Baker is priceless!! LOL!! They both look like keepers to me.

Enjoy your week away from the computer. When you get back, I hope to be able to greet you with news of earning my brown belt in kendo. I'm testing for it on Thursday night, with three other people whose combined ages total but 7 years more than my very own age. I've also been thinking of a couple other fibery things to blog about sometime soon.

And Happy Birthday! May you get all the candles out and may all your wishes come true. :-)

Melody said...

Debi, I love Gray's artwork. It's very eye-catching!

And I think the pic of your dog & your husband is great too! ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

1. Thank you so much for enjoying that post, Debi. You really make me smile & feel good about sharing what I write.

1a. If you want to direct-link to a post on my blog, scroll down to the bottom of that particular post, like you want to leave a comment. Just to the right of the comment link is the time stamp, which is also a eprmalink to that specific post. =)

2. That photo of the two of them is priceless!

3. I hope you have a wonderful week "off"!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oh yeah! Happy Birthday!

Chris said...

Have the bestest birthday in the world Debi :) And enjoy your week off!

I love Gray's valentine! That's definitely one to cherish. He's quite the artist, huh?

And that picture of man and man's best friend is priceless, lol.

Kim L said...

Cute pictures! Take a break and enjoy it. Post some pictures of your scrapbook pages. I spent this afternoon scrapbooking.

Lis Garrett said...

LOL! Oh, that picture made me smile and laugh - fantastic!!!

I love that Valentine - so sweet!

Have a great week, Debi!

kreed said...

See ya when you get back!

Anonymous said...

thats a great idea! yeah, i hope you have taken the week off blogging a bit!

and i hope you get all those things done.

(and that is just the cutest photo!!)

Eva said...

Happy birthday! Have fun with your break. :) Also re: your post below, I just recently started using a blog reader thingy as well, and I love it! Sounds like you had a good Valentine's Day, and I'll look forward to your next post!!

Nymeth said...

Enjoy your week off, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I love Gray's art, and that picture of Rich and Barker is so sweet!

Megan said...

Hope you're enjoying your week off and that it's as productive as you hope! And Happy Birthday, too! =D

gail@more than a song said...

I LOVE that photo! So cute.
I hope your week goes well, enjoy the time! I think (or know) I'd get much more done if I stayed off the computer more.

gail@more than a song said...

Oh, happy birthday!

When is it?

Stephanie said...

Hope you have a wonderful little break!!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Hope you have a great week and Happy Birthday, dear Debi!

LOVE that photo of your guys, so sweet :)

Carl V. said...

Have an absolutely wonderful week off and a marvelous birthday! I wish you all the best and hope it is relaxing and magical!

Dawn said...

I hope you have enjoyed your week off and your birthday. It's feel good to take a break from the everyday routines.

take care,

annie said...

Cute pictures!
I'm worried about Carrie! Her blog is page not found.
I hope all is well with her!
I did try emailing too.

Anonymous said...

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