Friday, February 29, 2008

Life Artist....random thoughts (and some other book stuff)

Life Artist, by Ali Edwards. Yes, it's a scrapbooking book. But really, it's so much more. It's a creativity's a self-help's a love letter to life itself.

Ali Edwards is inspiration personified. And it's not just her art, it's Ali herself. It's her attitude, her way of looking at life and not letting a single moment escape her notice. She's down-to-earth and refuses to take herself too seriously. She's not a "life is nothing but sunshine and roses" type of person, yet she exudes joy. She has a remarkable ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. But I've never met Ali Edwards, so how can I possibly feel I her well enough to say all this about her? Read her words, get lost in her art...she's there sharing herself.

I wish my life left more time for scrapbooking. For creating, in general. Someday it will again. And for now, I squeeze in moments when I can. And when I need a shot of inspiration, I guarantee this book will be able to provide me with a dose.

Hooray! I'm now caught up on my book reviews. Which means I finally have a chance to show off all the books I got last week for my birthday (outright gifts and gift card purchases):

It's a varied assortment...from a nice, used hardback copy of The Stand Complete and Uncut to replace my original torn and tattered paperback copy (so sweet of Rich to think of finding this one) a few selections that can be directly traced to other blogger's reviews, such as Carl's review of Eclipse One and Eva's review of The Lost a couple from my friend Kim that I'd never even heard of, but I'm sure I'll enjoy because we have similar a few complete impulse a few from my wishlist.

Okay, but now I have to start dealing with my problem. This book accumulation problem. It would be bad enough if I was the only one in this house with this particular affliction, but I'm not. Believe it or not, Rich is probably even worse than I am, and Annie is equally as bad. Even the boys, who aren't rabid about reading, each have more books than can possibly fit in their bookcases. Anyway, I was so inspired by Jean Pierre's success in battle that I'm going to start trying to tame my own monster. I realize I have no hope of actually slaying it, as Jean Pierre's doing, but maybe I can beat it into submission. At least I can try. I'm going to start with one small step and see how it goes...the old "buy one new book for each five I get read" trick. And I suppose it shouldn't even count if a book I read isn't mine, because that isn't really taming my own overgrown beast, is it? Cross your fingers for me, would you?


Anonymous said...

I MUST go get that book now. My daily paper journal is progressing into this strange combination of scrapbook,written journal and art journal. It sounds right up my alley

Eva said...

That sounds like a great book, Debi-I'm glad you have it to turn to! And that's one impressive bookstack!! (I hope you like Lost Boys)
I'm currently really worried about the state of my bookshelves, since I'll be moving from CO to CA in August. And there's no way I can fit all those books with me. So I'm hoping my parents will let me leave some behind with them...if not, there might be a really ruthless and tragic culling.

Debi said...

I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Your journal sounds wonderful! Just what I'd like to be doing, instead of worrying so much about "design rules" and whatnot. That's one of the things that appeals to me so much about Life Artist...she really encourages play.

Oh, but your mom sounds so sweet...and like she's your kindred spirit. Surely she'll let you leave some books behind for now. I'm betting she couldn't bear to see you suffer through a "ruthless and tragic culling"!

Chris said...

ooh, Ooh, OOH! What a stack of books! I could comment on them all, but that would make an awfully long comment. But suffice it to say that I'm awfully proud of your buys and gifts ;) You know Debi...for some of us I think it's just a hopeless cause to ever tame the beast. I swore to stop buying books and I did...and now people start sending me books for free and it's just as bad!! It's worse than ever...The books are piling up on the floor now :/ My hat's off to JP and I wish you all the luck in the world...but don't get too discourage if you give in a little ;)

Debi said...

There is a bright side to your situation though...maybe those books are piling up just as fast as ever, but at least your wallet isn't being emptied as quickly, right? So you can save up all the money you're saving not buying books and build an addition to your home to keep them all :)

Nymeth said...

That's one great pile of books!

I am inclined to agree with Chris that taming the beast is a hopeless cause. I don't know how JP managed!

I promised myself that when I moved back here that I'd restrict all my book buying to challenge books I don't own yet plus books I'll need for my courses, and so far I have succeeded... but on the other hand, I have been mooching books like there's no tomorrow. Add it all up, and I got 3 books in the mail today and have...*counts* 7 more on their way. Go me :P

Debi said...

Ummm, I'd congratulate you on your restraint, but how long have you been home now? A couple weeks...and only soon-to-be 10 books added to your pile? Okay, actually that's not so bad, huh? It sure is nice to know one's not alone in one's addictions though, isn't it?

cj said...

Oh, good luck on taming the beast! I'll be pulling for you!


Kim L said...

Did you get any scrapbooking done while you were taking a break from blogging? If you didn't, sounds like you'll have some great ideas from that book!

I understand what you mean about books, my family were all readers and my parents' house is overtaken by books. Poverty (I only graduated from college a year ago) has kept me from collecting too many books recently. But I have a mountain of books at my parents' house that I have to sort through someday. I'm putting it off, because once I have my last box of stuff from my parents house it means I'm really grown up!

Dawn said...

The Stand was one of my favorite books. I purged my stash of read books years ago, but couldn't part with my Stephen King books :)

Enjoy the reading.

take care,

Stephanie said...

I would love to be able to scrap book. But man, there is just no time!! I'm hitting a wall with time to actually READ anymore.

I love that you got a copy of The Stand!! That is far and away one of my favorite books!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great post! I used to like Ali, back when I was scrapping. You know, that's another reason I admire you so much Debi. I basically gave up scrapping to pick up blogging and read more. You do it all, and so much more, and in such loving abundance. I totally admire you for that.


Have a wonderful day!

Melody said...

Great list of books, Debi! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughs on them soon!!

Have a great weekend! :D And happy reading...

Anonymous said...

to quote my response to from my blog:

"my humblest thanks to the lady debi who hast paid me the highest of compliments (bows low).

and what is this talk of being a knave!? thou art mistaken! hast thou not thyself completed a conquest in the week just past, in which thou abstainethed from the world wide webwork, and fulfilled many an obligation, not to mention having taken some brave swipes at your own monster?

nay, good madame, thou art brave too, and shalt slay thy own beast too.

to quote the good lady: “thou beast shall be lightly heated bread”."

and i mean it!

and what a delicious pile you have there! i assume you like stephen king. doesn't he give you nightmares?

i've been wanting to read king for the longest time, but have always been too afraid, even though i have watched SO many films based upon his books! really - loads.

you're gonna love "neverwhere" and i also enjoyed "world war z" quite a lot...

Debi said...

My goodness, but you're too sweet!

You had me rolling! You surely make a worthy leader into battle!

Even if you never read any other King, you just have to read The Stand! Seriously. Of course, there's no such thing as a certainty...but I'd really be willing to bet that you'd love it.

Anonymous said...

i must say, "the stand" is one that i am most inclined to read. partly because it doesn't seem thaaaat scary, partly because i really enjoyed the tv adaptation of it and partly because its the one that people have recommended really strongly.

i think that might be one of my choices for rip 2008...!