Saturday, March 15, 2008

bookish odds 'n ends

*Is there anyone out there who hasn't yet discovered J. Kaye's Book Blog? I recently discovered it because J. Kaye is hosting the Suspense and Thriller Reading Challenge. If you haven't checked it out yet, you really should. Why? Well...
a.) J. Kaye is just one incredibly nice person,
b.) she and her family write book reviews on an incredibly varied bunch of books (seriously, in the past couple of weeks, I've written down books that I thought my husband would like, books that I thought Gray would like, and of course, books that interested me), and
c.) she holds book raffles every Sunday where she gives away many of the books she reviews.
I was the lucky recipient of Easy Scrapbook Embellishment by Heidi Schueller this week! Thanks again, J. Kaye!

*I joined the Twisted Fairy Tales Reading Challenge last night. No rationalizations. No excuses. I've just decided that I'm tired of being tortured by these damn challenges. If I want to join one, I will. Even if I never actually complete another one as long as I live.

*I finished up another book for Dewey's Graphic Novels Challenge. And since it's a challenge book, I feel like I should write a review. But frankly, I don't really know how. It's not that I'm being self-deprecating, or that the book had any kind of profound effect on me. It's just that I'm really out of my league here. The Books of Faerie by Bronwyn Carlton. Let me just post what it says on the back cover:

Do you believe... a mystical land beyond the boundaries of the mundane world...

...ruled by a beautiful queen who was once a mortal like you and me...

...who may have sired the most powerful sorcerer of our world?

In this finest high fantasy tradition, this companion volume to Vertigo's ongoing BOOKS OF MAGIC series collects for the first time the acclaimed BOOKS OF FAERIE miniseries, featuring the story of Titania, Queen of Faerie. Also included is the much sought-after ARCANA ANNUAL, featuring an early tale of young mage Timothy Hunter and his journeys in the magical realms.

I joined the Graphic Novels Challenge to expand my horizons, and thus far, I have not been disappointed. I have to say that I really enjoyed the first part of this book very much. It's the story of how a young mortal girl, Maryrose, is lured to faerie and how she ultimately becomes Titania, Queen of Faerie, and gives birth to a son. It held me thoroughly entranced throughout.

The second part, Long Walks in Dancing Shoes, by John Ney Rieber was also enjoyable, but, I'm guessing, a little harder to appreciate by someone like me who is not familiar with The Books of Magic. I can say it has awakened my curiosity, however, and I can certainly see myself seeking out more about Timothy Hunter in the future.

So, to wrap up, I realize that this is less than helpful as a review. But I must say, I am so glad I joined Dewey's challenge. The world of graphic novels is such a varied world. I'm continuing to be delighted and surprised with each new venture.


Nymeth said...

I had not yet discovered J. Kaye's Book Blog, so thanks for the link!

The Twisted Fairy Tales Challenge is tormenting me. I should probably just adopt your philosophy...let's see how long until I cave :P

I have the second of the Books of Faerie, and I haven't read the first, although I did read the original Books of I will probably feel all lost when the time comes from me to read it. It's always harder to get into a spin-off without being familiar with the original series.

But the important thing here is that you are enjoying your experience with graphic novels! I hope that this continues to be the case in the future :)

Chris said...

Congrats on the win at J. Kaye's! Yeah, I've been tempted by the Twisted Fairy Tales Challenge as well...I love your new outlook on challenges! I've adopted the same one "who cares if I never finish another one!" I'm just going to sign up. But I know I'll eventually get stressed again, so I'm not signing up for many :p But I think I will sign up for the non-fic one and of course Carl's!

That is so strange that you mentioned Books of Magic because I just started reading it today! Weird...But I'm really enjoying the Timothy Hunter saga so far ;) I'll have to check out The Books of Faerie after...sounds like something I'd like!

kreed said...

So I have been trying to stay away from all of the challeneges and the links to book blogs as I just can't figure out how I can fit in any more reading, but you got me witht the raffle thing...I think I'll have to go check it out. Who can resist free books!

Rhinoa said...

I signed up for the Twisted Fairy Tales Challenge too even though I am not sure I will be able to complete it, but it looked too much fun to resist! I haven't read this Books of Magic, but I have read Auberon's Tale in the same series. Like you I thought some bits were great and others needed more knowledge of The Books of Magic stories.