Wednesday, March 19, 2008

giddyness abounds

Yep, I know many of you are as excited as I am this morning. Carl has "made it official"! Once Upon a Time II begins on Friday!

I swear I've been checking his blog 5 times a day for the past week or so just waiting for this post. (Come on, admit it...I know I wasn't the only one!) I wanted to read what "the quests" were this year before putting together my list. But you know what, I still couldn't do it...I ended up with a pool of books to choose from instead of a strict list.

It's funny, a year ago when I joined this challenge, I was almost entirely unfamiliar with fantasy. I joined for two main reasons...a.) because Annie was such a fantasy lover and I wanted to be able share in some way in her passion, and b.) to expand what had become over the years very narrow reading horizons. What I didn't realize at the time, was how deeply in love I would fall with this genre. (And it goes without saying, the friends I made as a result of last year's Once Upon a Time challenge, are an even bigger gift!)

Anyway, I am so excited for Friday to arrive so I can dive right into my first book...though what that will be, I haven't yet decided. But in the meantime, I have two incredible books to finish up (The Fellowship of the Ring and The Goose Girl). Two books I never would have been reading if it hadn't been for Once Upon a Time.


Lis Garrett said...

Okay, so here's the perfect excuse to read The Golden Compass, et al. I am almost halfway through The Amber Spyglass, and I have loved these books!!

PS - In response to the comment you left this morning, sometimes I wish the right path were also the easy path (although it almost never is).

Nymeth said...

Nope, you were definitely not alone :P I am pretty giddy myself. I just love this challenge! What could be better than an extra excuse to read my favourite kind of book? And plus I think Carl creates a strong sense of community better than anyone with all his contests and everything. Last year was so much fun.

And of course, it was through last year's challenge that I met most of you, and like you said that's the best gift of all!

DesLily said...

this is the first year for me on this one but I did find Carl and this challenge last year and wound up reading all the reviews and from the time it ended I waited for this to come again!!!

Ahhh LOTR!! I do believe those books and the Hobbit started many a fantasy reader !

Ohhh, the Golden Compass 3 books are good!! I read them just before the movie came out.

Chris said...

I LOVE your list for the challenge Debi! I was just like you for this challenge. I was checking Carl's blog every day even though I knew that my blog reader would tell me if the post was up...I was convinced that my reader was must missing it ;)

My favorite thing about the challenge last year was exactly what you said..I met so many wonderful bloggers like you and Nymeth! I would've never met y'all most probably had it not been for that challenge. So excited about this one!

Enjoy LOTR

Kim L said...

Oh yay, I hope you like Fellowship of the Ring. I'm listening to it right at this moment, and its a great book. Did you see the movies already? They certainly won't ruin the book or anything, because they are pretty well done, but they just had to cut out lots of fun side stories and details.