Saturday, March 08, 2008


For the week of March 2:

*most enjoyable book read: Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer
--Still need to do a review.

*most enjoyable movie watched: Scotland, PA
--Okay, so it was the only movie I watched, but I did enjoy it. Rich and I have been wanting to see this one again ever since we read MacBeth last fall with Annie. It's such a darkly humorous and quirky adaptation of MacBeth. Hey, I never claimed to have any sophistication.

*most enjoyable outdoor activity: sledding
--Last Sunday was the perfect day for sledding...we had about a foot of snow left, it was bright and sunny, and it wasn't too bitterly cold or windy.

*most interesting question I had to answer: "What is a brothel?"
--Posed by Annie. I was actually somewhat surprised she didn't know. I also had to explain to Gray what a "period" is.

*favorite photo taken:


Jennifer said...

Oh how I wish we could go sledding! We did get some snow flurries this morning. But nothing stuck.

What fun questions to answer! LOL!

Awesome pic!

Nymeth said...

I love that photo! And sledding sounds like so much fun!

You can trust kids to come up with awkward questions :P

Jean said...

So just what definition of "period" were you being asked for? Sorry, but I just had to ask!

Kim L said...

Heehee, I would have loved to hear your answer to those questions.

That is quite a beautiful picture of the flower! Very impressive.

Chris said...

Oh no...brothels and periods in the same week? What a fun week to be a parent!

I can't wait to read Life as we Knew It...I think Becky's reading it for her book club really soon!

And the sledding looks like it was great :D

Eva said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Other than brothels and periods, lol....

I think I freaked my mom out one time in seventh grade. She had just turned out the light, and I said, "Mom, I have a very serious question." She paused and was like, "Ok." Then I said, "What grade is a sophomore?" I still remember her sigh of relief!

Melody said...

Aha, that's one of the difficulties being parents... having our children asked all kinds of questions, including awkward ones, hehe. My 4-yr-old daughter is beginning to ask the Big 'Why' nowadays, so I can totally relate! ;P

I love the pics! Sledding sounds like lots of fun!

Debi said...

Let's just say he's known his ending punctuation for quite some time now :)

Debi said...

That's too funny! I can definitely relate to your mom's sigh of relief!

gail@more than a song said...

Great pictures from sledding...and I love that last one, really nice!

Carl V. said...

Love the favorite photo, it is fantastic!

And the sledding looks delightful. I haven't done that in years and seeing the pics brings up many fond memories.