Sunday, April 27, 2008

a couple of plugs

*My sweet friend Melissa is starting a new website, Root and Sprout. It's set to have a June 1st launch date. Here's a brief bit of what she has to say about it:

“Here at Root and Sprout, we believe the connection between parent and child is what’s most important, and it’s a relationship that grows through mutual love and respect. With gentle, hands-on parenting, we can give our children the necessary roots to help them sprout.

Root and Sprout is a place for moms and dads to come for practical information, stories, and advice about being a parent and raising kids. You will also find helpful tips, family-friendly activities, and more . . . all submitted by people who support the Root and Sprout way of life.“

She is looking for people who would like to submit articles. To people like me, the idea of writing an article for a website sounds way too daunting, but she swears one shouldn't feel that way...that if you can write a blog post, you can write an article for the website. It's supposed to be by parents, for parents. If you're interested in more info, pop on over here.

*If you haven't yet read Life As We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer, well, here's the perfect's the featured book for May in Becky's on-line book club. I read the book a couple months ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I know I'd be joining in on this one with Becky if I hadn't already read it.

*I know I already wrote a post about Dewey's fabulous new idea, Weekly Geeks. But if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, you really should. Week One's Theme is up. And it's never to late to sign up to join in the fun!


Nymeth said...

I think your friend Melissa is right, and judging by what you write here, you have a lot to contribute about parenting! I'm not even a parent and I love reading your stories about your children, about homeschooling, etc. You should contribute to the website!

Lis Garrett said...

Debi, thank you so much for the mention!! In all honesty, I think you would make a fantastic contributor! :-)

I'm wondering, what does it say about me when I eagerly click on a link that says "Weekly Geeks?" It sounds FUN!

Melody said...

Am excited about Dewey's Weekly Geeks! Will have to check it out!!

BTW, you're tagged to do the Page 123 meme! ;)