Friday, April 11, 2008


Why I'm putting off reviewing the one book I've actually finished in the last two weeks is beyond me. Just can't seem to work up the brain power. Anyway, this movie meme that's been floating around (and which I saw most recently at Dewey's) seemed like the perfect way to put it off a bit longer. So anyway, here's how it goes:

1. Go to and look up 10 of your favorite movies.
2. Post three or four official IMDB “Plot Keywords” for each.
3. Then, you guys guess the movies (no looking them up!)

#1-asthma, hostage, media circus, pizza delivery (Dog Day Afternoon--guessed by Stephanie)

#2-autumn, corpse, cover-up, painting

#3-eyeglasses, one day, racism, switchblade (12 Angry Men--guessed by Rebecca)

#4-bookstore, revenge, royalty, speedboat

#5-barefoot, Christmas, heist, limousine (Die Hard--guessed by Stephanie)

#6-insanity, novel, sledge hammer, snow (Misery--guessed by Rebecca)

#7-butler, disguise, fog, invitation

#8-epic, eye, horse, mission (Lord of the Rings--guessed by Gail)

#9-cannabis, compulsive liar, confession, conformity (The Breakfast Club--guessed by Rebecca)

#10-cow, decapitation, helicopter, paleontologist

I haven't done very well at knowing anyone else's, but I'll bet more knowledgeable movie buffs will have no trouble with these.


Rebecca said...

Ooh, this one is fun!
However, I'm probably going to get none right:P Lemme see...

2. Davinci Code?
10:Jurassic Park

poo.The rest have me stumped

Debi said...

You got #6! Hope you'll play, too! It is fun, isn't it? (Even though I never know any.)

Melody said...

Fun meme, but unfortunately I couldn't guess any one of them!!

gail@more than a song said...

How fun! But I won't get many...
5. Home Alone maybe
6. I'd guess Misery as Rebecca did but haven't seen that movie
8. Lord of the rings?
10. Would have guessed Jurassic Park on the paleontologist word but don't think the others fit!

Some of the others sound familiar but not sure.

gail@more than a song said...

Ok, after I posted I now see that you said 6 is Misery Debi! Your comment wasn't there when I first started typing!

Debi said...

Don't you just hate it when that happens?!!

Jean said...

Several of the terms for #7 remind me of "Sleuth." For #10, I wasn't thinking Jurassic Park as much as one of the sequels.

Rebecca said...

All right, I'm guessing more...
#5: Home Alone 2?
#9: The Breakfast Club?

These drive me insane when I can't come up with the right answer!

Stephanie said...

Man...I love movies, but this is hard!! Is #5 Die Hard?

Nymeth said...

I only know Lord of the Rings. I'm curious about the rest!

Dewey said...

I'm so terrible at these! Number 1 seems familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it right now.

Jennifer said...

Wow - that's hard! I thought 10 was Jurassic Park too, so obviously, I'm no good at this. But I'm going to take a stab at two of them anyway:

7: Clue?
9: Silence of the Lambs or Hannibal?

I'm sure I'm off base, but it was fun to try!

Anonymous said...

LOL - I had to laugh at this one. There is NO way I could come up with one answer much less all.

I am impressed! You go!!

Stephanie said...'ve really done it now!! I can't stop trying to figure these out. I think I've got the first it Dog Day Afternoon?? It hit me at dinner tonight!

Debi said...

Stephanie and Rebecca,
Wow! You guys are good! Even though these are some of my favorite movies, I'm not sure I could have got them if someone else had done them. :)

Boudicca said...

3. 12 Angry Men....??

Debi said...

Rebecca,'re good, girl!

Anonymous said...

My son got 12 Angry Men :) It never occurred to me!

kreed said...

I don't know a single one, but what fun!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ok after some hard thinking, I have two guesses:

7. Ten Little Indians?
10. Indiana Jones?

For some reason when I read the word "paleontologist" I always think of Ross from Friends. LOL!

Debi said...

10 Little Indians was a good guess, but not it. And now you've got me wanting to throw it on the Netflix queue...been too long since I've seen that one!