Saturday, May 03, 2008

Geeking...Week 2...part 1

Well, Dewey is back with week 2 of Weekly Geeks. This week's challenge is an idea borrowed from Darla at Books and Other Thoughts. I just discovered Darla's blog this past week as part of Weekly Geeks. I pretty much love everything about her blog, but this idea that Dewey picked up on is definitely quite brilliant. When Darla reviews a book, she invites others to send her links to other reviews of the same book, and she posts these along with her review. Great idea, huh?

And Dewey is now challenging us to do the same. I'm in. I already try to leave links to reviews that I've read, especially when it was the review that made me pick up the book in the first place. But this goes a step beyond, and should really end up giving everyone a very extensive network of reviews to use.

Dewey suggested several different ways we might go about it. I'm opting for just having people leave links in the comments, and then I will add these links to the body of my post. And as I'm already buried for the next several weeks with other things, I think I will just start doing this from today on, instead of trying to make it retroactive.

(Part 2, scheduled for later in the week, is where we are to come back and write a blurb about how this new review network is working out for us so far. Seems to me, it can't help but be a success.)

***edited to add***

Part 2:

Well, I feel lousy, but I just don't have much--o.k. I have nothing--to add as follow-up...haven't done a single review this week. And didn't read any reviews by fellow participants that I've reviewed in the past. But I have noticed the links starting to show fun!


Nymeth said...

It is a lovely idea, isn't it? I always liked the fact that Darla did that but I hadn't thought of adopting the same policy myself.

Chris said...

I like this idea too...I've always loved that Darla left the links at the bottom of her posts and had actually recently started thinking of doing that myself! So I may just pick this one up!

cj said...

Y'all are making me rethink my initial decision to pass on this one...

Oh, and Debi, I've tagged you for the six random things meme...


Melody said...

I love the idea too! What fun!