Thursday, May 22, 2008


Really. I do! And here she is, once again providing me another reason to smile! Smile, ha...that's quite the understatement! I'll be bouncing around the house for days with a goofy grin plastered to my face.

Anyway, if you haven't already guessed it...Dewey has announced that she's hosting another Read-a-thon! It's taking place June 28th-29th (exact times depends on your time zone).

I had soooo much fun during Dewey's last Read-a-thon...though slow reader that I am, I didn't get nearly as much reading done as I'd unrealistically hoped. After I read her post this morning, the first thing I did was go call Rich at work. Right away, he offered to haul the munchkins off camping or something. Isn't he just the best husband ever?!! I may be slightly biased, but I certainly think so.

Once again, you can join in the fun as either a reader or as a cheerleader. And once again, there will be prizes awarded throughout. And once again, I have no doubt that Dewey will be the most extraordinary hostess imaginable!

Hope you all decide to join in the fun!


Chris said...

OOH, I hope I can join in this year! With this new job I have to work every OTHER weekend from 7-3 on saturdays and I hope I don't have to work that weekend :( We'll see. I had so much fun following your progress last year and regretted not officially participating. And that's great that Rich is volunteering to leave the house to you again this year! You married a good one!

Debi said...

I so hope you can join in! When will you know which weekends you have off? Keeping my fingers crossed!

Nymeth said...

That is indeed very sweet of Rich :) I bet they'll have fun camping, and you'll have fun reading...everybody wins :P

Trish said...

A friend and I are thinking about doing this--I've never participated in something like this and the idea is at the same time scary and exciting. Not even sure how it works!

Megan said...

Despite not taking part the first time, I have fond memories of the first read-a-thon because I had just started blogging right before it happened so I got to do some "unofficial" cheerleading and meet some new people whose blogs I still visit. Maybe this time I'll have to bump myself up to official cheerleader and unofficial reader. I'm not quite sure I can hack all those consecutive hours of reading or that my family/friends/pets will allow me to have even two consecutive hours in which to read!

alisonwonderland said...

i also had a fabulous time last time! i'm not sure what all the family summer travel plans are yet, though, so i'm going to have to wait to see if i'll be able to do it this time.

Eva said...

hehe-I think I'll do it too! Although I was really hoping for it to end at night, so I didn't end up sleeping all of Sunday away. It'll still be fun though!

And yay for good husbands. :D