Thursday, May 22, 2008

incapable of learning

Oh yes, you know it...I signed up for yet another challenge. The Book Awards II. Now one would think I would have learned my lesson...I signed up for this one last year, and although it's not quite over yet, I really don't stand much of a chance of actually finishing in time. That should tell me something right?

Well, you know what it said to me? It said, "Here's your chance to redeem yourself!" Yep, I've obviously taken to the fantasy realm so much in the last year that I'm now living in it!

I did promise myself that I would only join if I had enough books in the house at this very moment...books I actually wanted to read that would satisfy the rules. Turns out that wasn't a problem. So I'm in. Are you?


Trish said...

I've made that a rule as well--to only join if I have the books. Of course, I did have to get In Cold Blood and Lolita for a few challenges recently, so I guess I am not dissuaded by rules.

I'm thinking about joining this one, too, but just can't commit until I tie up some of these other challenges hanging over my head.

Melody said...

Great list you've there, Debi! I think I'll have to let this pass... although it sounds very tempting!

Anonymous said...

Don't you worry about it! I plan to do much more next year. :) It's all about having fun and challenges are fun to me.

Anonymous said...

excuse me if this is a dumbass question, but are you relatively new to challenges and all?

i ask because i'm relatively new to them (having only started with 2007's rip challenge - or was it 2006? well, it still feels recent and certainly haven't had my fill of them!)

anyway, i'm asking because i personally haven't had my fill of them and so i can totally relate. these veteran challenge doers, i think they can pick and choose and be prudent and all, but i think you should just have fun and dive in and overcommit and just enjoy yourself. have a ball!

and then when you've done enough, then maybe you'll be more selective (and exercise some self-preservation (although, if chris is anything to go by, these challenges will turn into a serious addiction!!!))

but yeah, don't worry about it. its fun! dive in!

Rebecca said...

No,no,no...must not join.

Oh....about the non-dryer thing...
I basically just got one of those wooden drying racks and set it up in the bathroom (because it's the warmest room in the house) along with hanging clothes on hangers and hanging them from the curtain rod.Once a week,though,hubby would go to the laundromat and dry stuff like sheets,towels,etc just because they took up too much room to dry inside. Otherwise though,when it's nice weather, all the drying is done outside.
I think it's one of those things that seems like a huge pain in the butt until it's becomes part of your normal routine and then you don't even think about it LOL

Stephanie said...

This settles it. You are WAY worse than I am! ( are just quicker, because I'm probably going to sign up for this too. But since you posted first, it makes me feel better!!)

gail@more than a song said...

Another challenge!
I'm not doing so hot with the 2 I'm supposed to be in now so I think I better just stick with those and maybe, just maybe I can finish them!

Nymeth said...

But you did learn you lesson - the lesson being that challenges are fun and it doesn't really matter if you finish as long as you're having fun.

And one more thing: if this challenge gets you to read Maurice, that alone will make it more than worth it :P

The rest of your list is great too. Have fun!

Debi said...

I always dry everything outside whenever possible, too. But I've learned that nothing wants to dry inside. Literally takes some things 3 days...which just doesn't cut way I can keep up that way! Guess I'll just have to stick with my dryer (which was delivered today) on rainy days.

Dawn said...

Good luck with your newest challenge. I admire all the reading you do. :)

take care,

Jean said...

Am I in? Not this time! I can only face so many challenges, and another book one is not in the cards. I'm already blaming you for the second one and plotting revenge. You think I'm not? Live in fear, Debi, live in fear. ;-)

Debi said...

All I can say is, "Oh shit!" You've told me some of the things you've pulled on your poor believe me, I am now living in fear!