Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Life of Mammals...random thoughts

The Life of Mammals by David Attenborough.

Well, what is there for me to say? I mean this is David Attenborough we're talking about here! Yes, I'm an unabashed fan of the man. I love his books and I love his documentaries. And The Life of Mammals is no exception. Both the book and the documentary series.

I used this book as sort of an unofficial textbook for our mammal unit for school. And though we used other resources to get into some of the nitty-gritty, this book was an excellent choice. For Attenborough has a way of making things come alive. The examples he uses to make a point are always fascinating...and they are quite abundant. And he writes in such a down-to-earth manner. (My only problem, and I may have mentioned this when reviewing another of his books, is that I just can't help but hear his voice as I read. Not that there's anything wrong with his voice, but he's not supposed to be in my head reading!)

His love all things living shines through brightly and his enthusiasm is contagious. I mean, who else would state, "The ultramarine bottom of the mandrill is breath-taking." He's talking at this point about how monkeys are the most colorful of all mammals, and while he has a point, few others, I believe, would state it in such a way. :)

And as is always the case with his books, The Life of Mammals is loaded with spectacular photographs! The list of photographic contributors is too long to post here, but suffice it to say, a wonderful job was done collecting appropriate shots for the stories being told.

Once again, Mr. Attenborough did not disappoint.


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Nymeth said...

This sounds so good! I've been feeling like reading more about animals ever since I finished Last Chance to See. And you know what, I think my father has a copy of this one. I just might have to borrow it.

Melody said...

This one sounds great! I can tell how much you enjoyed reading this, Debi.

Dawn said...

You write compelling reviews! Last week I ordered The Sisters Grimm after reading your review. It should be here today or tomorrow.

take care,