Wednesday, July 09, 2008

a dose of useless rambling

How can it be that you work 18 hours a day and just get further and further behind?!! I'm sure you've all experienced that phenomenon at times, huh? We arrived home from our little trip Sunday evening, and I'm still nowhere near being caught up on my blog reading. I always feel bad when I get behind, like I'm ignoring friends when that really isn't the case.

I've been spending hours upon hours upon hours on school planning and prep. I tell you, it's hard to believe how much I have to relearn before I can even begin putting it all together. I don't really mean to complain's actually pretty fun. I just wish it didn't take soooooo much time.

Our trip was supposed to be a three-parter...first to visit Rich's family, then to Gettysburg, and then to my family reunion. Unfortunately, we ended up having to skip Gettysburg because Rich's mom needed us there. Not that we minded spending the extra time with his mom, but we were extremely upset about "the reason" behind it. I really don't want to go airing family laundry, but let's just say we've got one of those "you can't pick your relatives" situations. (It's not Rich's mom I'm talking about though.) Anyway, we then headed straight from there to my aunt and uncle's house for our annual family reunion, which was fun and relaxing. And then spent most of the day Sunday driving home. So a fairly short, and frankly, fairly stressful, trip. The kids managed to have a blast the whole time though, so that made it worthwhile! Hopefully we'll be able to fit in a few fun weekend trips this summer since we're not really taking a big vacation. For one thing, we're hoping to get in a weekend trip to Gettysburg since we had to scrap it this time around.

The pool is always a highlight for the kids at Grandmother's house:

The kids also love playing with their cousins! And most of us got to enjoy the fireworks show...Rich had to take poor Gray back to Grandmother's house because of the noise. (We should have seen that one coming with his sensory issues.) And we all had fun catching fireflies and eating hot dogs and apple pie. The kids drank too much pop, something we rarely let them have at home. So despite the stress, there was a lot of fun going on, too.

A pile of cousins in a hammock:

Oh, and poor Baker somehow managed to fall in Grandmother's fish pond! He couldn't get himself out and had to be rescued!

In other news, we no longer have a "kinder shark" in the family. Max finally lost his first tooth! The tooth fairy came and collected that shark tooth last night and left Max $5.00. (The tooth fairy is always very generous for the first tooth.) Max was very excited to add it to his Nintendo DS fund...he's been saving for one ever since Gray got one for Christmas, and I must say, I've been very impressed with how well he's doing. Anyway, I hope once some of those other teeth fall out, those permanent ones will move into place on their own. Wishful thinking, perhaps.

Well, I suppose I've babbled on more than long enough here, and I've certainly managed to waste enough time. So I'll let you all off the hook now and head back to the Civil War.


Eva said...

It's not useless! I thought it was a fun and interesting post. :p

I don't know if I've told you my Gettysburg story, so feel free to ignore this if I have. ;) The summer between my junior and senior years of high school, I was interested in five colleges, which all happened to be in New York state or Pennsylvania. So, when we visited my mom's family, my mom and I took a week of the vacation to do a college roadtrip, with one day at each college. I really want to go to Gettysburg, and there just happens to be a Gettysburg College. I wasn't particularly interested in it, but I told my mom I was, and I scheduled an admissions interview and tour first thing in the morning. Then the rest of the day Mom and I explored! (because she was really excited to be there too) A couple years later, I told Mom what I'd done, and she just rolled her eyes, lol.

P.S.: did you get my last e-mail? I know your computer was funky, so I can resend it if I need to!

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

Although you missed Gettysburg it sounds like you had a nice trip (although also stressful). I know how you feel about your blog reading. I'm not even going anywhere and I fall more behind everyday.

Carl V. said...

How fun that he is saving for an Nintendo DS. I have a friend whose 10 year old daughter is doing the same thing and she has been just great about staying focused and not spending her money.

I'm glad your children had a good time. That alone makes the trip a success, although it is not fun as an adult to spend time and money on a trip that is filled with stress. Hope you catch up with things soon and can relax some this summer.

Jean said...

Debi, you do realize, don't you, that Gettysburg is within striking distance of Charlottesville? If you guys head there for a weekend, maybe I could shoot up, do the battlefield with you (never been there myself), see Rich again after 30-odd years, and meet the rest of you. Well? she asks, tapping her foot in anticipation.

Chris said...

Seriously...all these bloggers write entirely too much :p

Well I'm glad that most of the trip was a good one. Though I'm sorry that y'all missed Gettysburg. Cute pics as always. I really love the one of Baker in the fishpond! lol...that's hilarious, he looks like a merdog.

Jennifer said...

Sorry about the stress and the changed plans, but at least the rest of the trip was good, and it certainly looks like the kids had a good time! Baxter looks pitiful and adorable at the same time.
Hope you make it to Gettysburg this summer!
And congrats to Max on the tooth loss!

Dawn said...

It sounds like you had a busy few days! I'm sorry to hear there was some stress involved. I know all too well what that is like.

Great pictures! It appears that the kids had a wonderful time! Oh, and poor Baxter.

Good luck getting caught up. That alone can be stressful!

take care,

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone feels ignored...sorry about the stress...homeschool moms don't need extra. :(

I do love the pics!! :)

Melody said...

I'm sorry you missed visiting Gettsburg, Debi. It's great that your children had a fun time! Hope everything settles down quickly for you guys and that you'll find some personal time soon! :)

cj said...

It sounds like a 50-50 vacation; half fun, half family, which isn't always fun.

Poor little Baker!

And I've got to say that your girl is certainly growing into a beautiful young woman, isn't she?

I hope the teeth straighten out!


Stephanie said...

Great pictures!! I know. I feel like you do. I work, work, work...and nothing seems to get done!! Man, I need a vacation!

$5! Boy, the tooth fairy is way better than when I was a kid. Sheesh. I think I got a lousy quarter!

gail@more than a song said...

Time with cousins and swimming in the pool all add up to a fun time for kids! Cute pictures.
Some days I think we all stay behind!
I'm sorry y'all missed Gettysburg and hope you get there one day...we went about 5 yrs ago on vacation with 2 of our kids. We loved it! Went to several other battlefields too and D.C for the 3rd or 4th time. History buff/major daughter loved it, youngest son thought it was a long boring field trip! Silly kids.

Nymeth said...

Awww, first tooth. And poor Baker! He does look awfully cute in that picture, though. I'm sorry to hear that the trip was stressful, but the kids do look like they're having a good time.

~**Dawn**~ said...

That is one very sad looking puppy!