Sunday, July 20, 2008

a pleasant surprise

Yep, that's just what I got when I went to link up my review of Death: The High Cost of Living to my challenge list...because I realized that I'd actually finished a challenge! WooHoo!

Many, many, many heartfelt thanks to Dewey for hosting The Graphic Novels Challenge! This was a brand new world to me at the start of this year, but it's a world I've become quite enamored with. I feel quite confident in stating that my graphic novel reading for the year isn't over just because I completed the challenge.

*The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman
*Death: The High Cost of Living by Neil Gaiman
*The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman
*The Books of Faerie by Bronwyn Carlton
*The Borden Tragedy by Rick Geary
*We Are On Our Own: A Memoir by Miriam Katin

The books I read for the challenge were so varied, it's hard to even think about picking a favorite. The two that stand out the most though, would have to be The Complete Maus and Death: The High Cost of Living. I would highly recommend both of these, but they are two very different experiences.


Dawn said...

I bought and read The Borden Tragedy after reading your review and I really enjoyed it!

Congratulations for completing your challenge :)

take care,

Stephanie said...

Glad to see you finished the challenge!! I'll get to it one of these days!!


Eva said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge!! :) I've been getting more into graphic novels lately too.

Melody said...

Congrats on completing the challenge, Debi!

Medbie said...

Congrats! You've got me intrigued about graphic novels, but our library system doesn't have many and neither does our used book store (they say they sell them about as soon as they get them in!)

Becky said...

Congrats on finishing!!!

Nymeth said...

Congratulations on finishing!

Rhinoa said...

Congrats on completing the challenge. You read a few I have read this year and I am hoping to get to Maus soon for another challenge (may post it on graphic novels challenge as an extra too depending on how much I enjoy it). I am glad you enjoyed your first batch of graphic novels and hope you continue to read more in the future :)