Tuesday, July 15, 2008

where in the world?

Ever since I first heard of RaiderGirl3's It's Tuesday, Where Are You? meme-ish like feature, I've been wanting to join in. Despite the fact that I'd be reminded every week when I popped over to Somer's, I still couldn't seem to get my act together enough to join in. Until today, that is!

So where am I?

I just made my way, along with Larry and Rita, out of the Lincoln Tunnel into New Jersey. Thank heavens that ordeal is over! (Seriously, that "scene" have given me the heebie-jeebies ever since the first time I read it nearly 30 years ago!) --The Stand: Complete and Uncut by Stephen King

I'm sitting in Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor with Major Anderson, who's wondering how on earth this can possibly end well. --The Civil War by Geoffrey C. Ward

I'm headed off to church in Mozier, Alabama with a very reluctant young boy named Sonny. --Sonny's House of Spies by George Ella Lyon

I'm at the Thompson house in Gettysburg, PA looking at a map with Generals Lee and Longstreet. --The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

Ah, the exciting adventures to found amidst the pages. Wonder where next week will find me?

Thanks, RaiderGirl3!


Stephanie said...

Oh....you are rereading The Stand!! God, I love that book! I've reread maybe a handfull of books in my lifetime. There are just too many new ones to go back and reread. BUT The Stand I have read 3 times!! I love it that much! Maybe it's time to dig out my old worn copy!

I know exactly what scene you are talking about too. Scary!

Medbie said...

I'm so glad you found Sonny! I hope you like it!

I'm going to have to remember that meme next week. I'll TRY to remember it anyway. LOL What fun to see what others are reading!

Somer said...

I'm glad you thought to do this this week!

What do you think of The Killer Angels? I tried to listen to it, but it didn't suit me as an audiobook. I kept zoning out. I keep thinking of picking up the actual book. I did read Gods & Generals by Jeff Shaara (his son) a few years ago.

Trish said...

Wow you are in a lot of places. I'm in England right now (with both books I'm reading), but I'd love to be some place really exotic!! Maybe next week. :)