Monday, August 04, 2008

more blame

Again I'm a day late in assigning blame, and I can't even blame the internet, as they came a day early and fixed everything. Took the nice gentleman nearly two hours (turns out there were multiple problems), but everything seems to be working splendidly now. Anyway, I swore to myself when I was writing last week's "blame post" that I wouldn't need to write a post this week, because I absolutely, positively, under no circumstances was going to bring any new books into this house. I started out full of resolve. I spent over an hour at the library on Monday, and didn't bring home a single book. But then forces conspired against me...forces by the names of Nymeth and Stephanie. First I read Nymeth's review of Pedro Paramo, and then I read Stephanie's review of Jamaica Inn...all resistance is immediately vanquished. Add to that a second trip to the library, and well, I really stood no chance, did I?

Unfortunately for me, the library didn't have Pedro Paramo. They did however have a copy of Jamaica Inn. But when I arrived at the shelf to retrieve it, I saw Daphne du Maurier's Classics of the Macabre, and decided to pick it up instead. Short stories just sounded "right" at that particular moment. Stephanie still receives a point on this one, because, well frankly, it's all her fault that book came home with me!

Then, as I was walking around looking for Annie, my eyes landed upon The Missing Girl by Norma Fox Mazer. I tried to stop my arm from reaching out to pluck it off the shelf, but J.Kaye's review was screaming in my head. Resistance was futile. Point for J.Kaye.

And then, as we're heading up to check out, what catches my eye on the "new fiction" shelves...Mudbound by Hillary Jordan. I've known ever since I first read Maggie's review that she would eventually earn a point for this one, but I honestly had no intention of picking up it up at this point. (Face it Debra Anne--you have NO self control!) Point for Maggie.

Okay, I suppose that I should now make one final admission and wipe the slate clean. I convinced Rich that we needed to hit B&N (Ha! Like it takes any convincing to get him there!) See, I really, really, really wanted to get my hands on Pedro Paramo. But alas, Nymeth is going to have to wait to earn her point, as they didn't have it in stock. :( Of course, I didn't come home impulse buy of The Book of Chameleons by Jose Eduardo Agualusa.


Dawn said...

It sounds like you have some reading on your to do list! Enjoy

take care,

Stephanie said...

Very cool!! Glad to see I get some blame! Can't wait to see what du Maurier has in store for you!

Nymeth said...

I'm sorry to hear that the library didn't have Pedro Paramo! I had some trouble finding it too. It's too bad a book like this isn't more widely available. I guess it's one of those hidden gems.

Stephanie made me want to immediately get my hands on Jamaica Inn too! I so want to read it for RIP. I was already thinking of reading Rebecca, but I guess I can always list both and see which one I'm in the mood for at the time.

Medbie said...

Daphne du Maurier is one of my top ten favorite authors. I SO love her writings! Rebecca will always be my favorite but her short stories are awesome. I love Frenchman's Creek too. And The Scapegoat. And the House on the Strand is also excellent!

____Maggie said...

Oh! I'm so excited knowing you are soon to read Mudbound! :) Enjoy and thanks for the point.