Monday, September 22, 2008

geeking...week 18

This week's theme: catch up on something. Anything. We get to choose what it is we most need to catch up on in our own little bloggy worlds.

I have multiple things I could choose from, but I think I'm going to go with catching up with all the posts in reader. I just saw how swollen it was this morning after a few days away...amazing how fast that happens, isn't it?!! Anyway, my goal is to really catch up, not just skim through and mark read.

I'd also like to make sure I'm caught up with my reviews by the end of the week. Not that I'm really behind, or that I'm going to have all that many to write by then. But there will be a few, and I'd like to make sure I don't let them slide.

Well, I guess that doesn't sound like terribly difficult goals, but I'll be happy to finish them. It's shaping up to be a busy week around here with Max's birthday and Annie's first quarterly report to write up.

Good luck Weekly Geeks! May we all get caught up!


Anonymous said...

I spent the weekend paring down my Reader.There was just tooo much. I'd get all caught up and then 10 minutes later,there's 20 posts already! Argh.

Debi said...

I know what you mean...I almost wish there weren't so many interesting people out there!

~**Dawn**~ said...

It's the Law of Blogging: the amount people post is directly proportionate to the amount of time you have to read. The greater the time, the fewer the posts. And vice versa.

That has been my goal lately too. To really be caught up. Not just skim. I did pare down my list recently. I have many categories in my Google Reader. I cleaned out all the blogs that are obsolete or have been dormant for a while. I also removed some that have gone a direction I no longer identify with. And still others I have put "on review" to make sure I am really enjoying all the posts & not just the one that made me subscribe in the first place. But I swear for every blog I remove, I find three more to add on. I have been putting them into a specific folder though that I title "new blogs" and then I see after a month or so if I continue to enjoy them and weed out the ones I don't.

Debi said...

I'm in awe! That is organization at its finest! And on top of that, it was a very smart thing to do!

~**Dawn**~ said...

LOL! I had to do *something*. That list was out of control! So I set up folders inside Google Reader: Bloggy Buddies. Sports. Photo Blogs. Disney. Recipes. Memes. Resources (where I subscribe to the blogs for Blogger, Picasa, Twitter, etc). Blogs I Read (but not people I would consider actually "buddies"). In Review. New Blogs.

There are some categories that take priority over others when I am reading and the folders make it eay for me to pinpoint the ones I want right away. I have to say, it's helped a *ton* to organize it that way. (And it also feeds my love of lists LOL!)

Nymeth said...

My reader reaches a scary number of unread posts faster and faster these days. Good luck with your goals, Debi. I hope you manage to achieve them all.

Trish said...

oh that reader!! I try try try to keep it manageable, but it seems like I keep adding new and exciting blogs. Sometimes, even though I hate to do it, I have to click that "read all" button. I need a vacation!! :)

Melody said...

I understand your feelings, Debi!! ;) I've a couple of stuff I need to catch up too and I feel I haven't been doing much... I need more time!!!

Dewey said...

I hope you get caught up! I don't even try to keep up with my google reader, and I only keep about 10 people in there!