Tuesday, October 07, 2008

bookish odds 'n ends

If I stick with the "schedule" idea I've set up for myself, Tuesdays will be for book-related stuff. Not reviews...well, because for one thing, you actually have to finish a book now and then to write a review, right? ;)

Raidergirl3's It's Tuesday--Where Are You?" just had to get worked into the "schedule" because I think it's so fun, hence we have Tuesday's theme. So, where am I today? I've traveled back to nineteenth century London, and am currently in a churchyard looking in an empty coffin. (Dracula) And I've traveled back a bit more, into early seventeenth century, where I've just been summoned (oh, okay, it's Galileo who has actually been summoned) to Florence. (The Scientists) And this evening I shall travel back to the current day, but I know not exactly where I will be. "My editor asked me to name the town where the Floods live, but I won't, because you might feel safe and secure knowing they don't live near you--and we wouldn't want that, would we? And if you do live in their town, you might start bothering them and get yourself turned into a toad, and then your parents might sue me, unless being a toad is an improvement on what you are now." (The Floods: Good Neighbors, p. 9)


Laying blame also falls under misc. book stuff. And I've got a pile of points to pass out today. I sort of went on a used book buying spree...

The Graveyard Book, of course, was not part of that spree...it was a gift from Jean. Bet you all wish you had a cousin-in-law that sweet, don't you?

Anyway, many in this pile are point earners:

*2 points for Nymeth. She is responsible for both Fire and Hemlock and The Magic City. (Her review of The Enchanted Castle was what led me to pick up The Magic City. And well, if you know Nymeth, you know how much she loves Fire and Hemlock.)
*1 point for Becky. I place sole blame for Iris, Messenger on her for her great review last fall.
*1 point for Rhinoa. This review left me no choice but to buy Nightmares & Fairy Tales: Once Upon a Time.
*1 point for Dewey. (Though frankly, she probably should get more, because I think part of this used book buying spree was the totally irrational rationalization that many of these books would be good for the read-a-thon!) Anyway, this "Book Coveting" post of hers forced me to order Good Reading.
*1 point for Carl. I've wanted Mary Modern ever since he posted his wonderful review last year.
*1 point for Eva. She has a way of making me want to read soooo many different non-fiction books. Here's the review that made me buy King Leopold's Ghost.
*And finally, last but most certainly not least, 1 point for JP. His review of The Chrysalids left me intrigued, and I finally could resist no longer.


Misc. book stuff day is probably as good a day as any to ask if anyone would like any of these books. I've got three gently used books here for anyone who might want them. Just let me know which one(s) in the comments by next Tuesday. (If more than one person requests one, I'll do the old hat thing.)

*Notes from a Small Island: An Affectionate Portrait of Britain by Bill Bryson

*Home Learning Year by Year: How to Design a Homeschool Curriculum from Preschool Through High School by Rebecca Rupp

*Little Bit & Big Byte: A Day at the Beach by Craig T. Feigh (picture book)


Oh, oh, oh...I'm so excited!!! I just popped over, and found that Jean (yes, the incredible cousin-in-law I mentioned above) had a chance to post about her trip to the National Book Festival. This is the story of incredible generosity to my little girl that I alluded to yesterday. Yes, the Neil Gaiman one. Thanks again, Jean...you're simply the best!


Nymeth said...

Oh Debi, I can't even begin to tell you how ridiculously happy seeing Fire & Hemlock in that pile made me :D

Lots of other great books too! I want Mary Modern as well. And King Leopold's Ghost.

If sending internationally is okay, could you enter me for Notes from a Small Island please? I've been meaning to read something by Bryson for a while now.

Off to read Jean's post!

Lis Garrett said...

What an incredibly nice thing Jean did for Annie!

raidergirl3 said...

Ooh, The Scientists sounds really good. I read a Galileo story last year, and I saw his middle finger in a museum in Florence! I can't wait to hear how this book goes.

thanks for putting me on your Tuesday schedule. I like the schedule idea too. I try to write a short story Monday, Where are you Tuesday?, Booking through Thursday, and then a review or two through the week or on the weekend, keeping those to other days. Yah for scheduled posts.

Melody said...

What a haul, Debi! Can't wait to read all your reviews on them! I hope you've a great week! :)

DesLily said...

ahhh.. the blame game is alive and well and running amuck! hahahaha.. love your haul !!

Joy said...

What a special gift for Annie! :)

Anonymous said...

haha! i like the "where are you today" thing...!

oh dear... poor galileo. i can tell you he's not going to have fun florence.

and what wonderful books you've found. i've also been wanting to read "mary modern" ever since carl's review, so i look forward to seeing what you think!

and i'm glad you're giving "the chrysalids" a go! i really hope you enjoy it!

Eva said...

Hi Debs! (I hope it's ok that I gave you a nickname...for some reason that's what I've been thinking of you as lately, lol)

I'm answering your African book questions here. :D Monique does deal with midwives and labour, and there are some hints of sex (the author met her future husband, a fellow PC volunteer there, and he often spends the night; Monique also has a boyfriend). King Leopold isn't as brutal as We Wish to Inform You, but it's definitely still pretty intense. They chopped people's hands off. I know that when I was Annie's age, I was so sensitive I would have sobbed all the way through it (I'm still pretty sensitive, but I think it's important!). I haven't read The House at Sugar Beach, but it sounds interesting! If you're looking for a book on Zimbabwe, House of Stone by Christina Lamb was really good (my review's at: http://www.curledup.com/housston.htm). And it wasn't nearly as intense as you might expect. :) Finally, there's The Fate of Africa by Martin Meredith: it's a big book, with each chapter focusing on a different country. Some countries have more chapters than others, but each one has at least a chapter! It's focused on African politics since independence (i.e.-the 1950s).

I don't know Annie, so it's difficult to know what to recommend in the end, though. :)

Debi said...

It hasn't been hard to tell how much you adore Fire and Hemlock even without a review, so I've known for a long time I would need to get my hands on it! But it's not really an easy book to get one's hands on...
And of course sending internationally is okay. Heck, for you Nymeth, I'd pay to mail something to the moon. :) In fact, I actually have something else I've been wanting to mail you, so if you get a minute could you e-mail me your address?

Isn't she the sweetest?!!

So far, I've only read a few chapters of The Scientists, but I'm really enjoying it. Galileo's middle finger is preserved in a museum?
I think I'm going to like this schedule thing, too. Anything that helps one retain her sanity can't be all bad, right?

Thanks! Hope you're having a wonderful week, too! Of course, how could you not be with the beautiful new bundle of little girl!

"running amuck"...so aptly put!!!

Ain't that the truth?!! Talk about putting a little girl on Cloud 9!

"oh dear... poor galileo. i can tell you he's not going to have fun florence."...hey, didn't anyone tell you it's not nice to give spoilers? LOL
So nice to hear from you! You've been missed!

Oh sweetie, how can I thank you enough?!! They all sound like wonderful recommendations! I think maybe I'll skip King Leopold's Ghost (for Annie, that is...myself, I'm really anxious to read it!). But I immediately hopped over to Amazon and ordered a used copy of The Fate of Africa! It sounds absolutely perfect for us!!! And I'm going to check out the library for Monique and House of Stone. I'm sure we won't get around to reading all of them for school, but at least I'll have them on my wish list for someday. Thanks again, Eva! So sweet of you to help me out, when I know you're so incredibly busy!

Anonymous said...


Trish said...

wow that is a nice stack of books!! I love the little Where are you Tuesday meme as well--although I'm nowhere today. :(