Monday, October 20, 2008

in our neck of the woods...

Well, I got "off-schedule" last week because of the read-a-thon, and as my parents are coming up later this week, I may find myself off-schedule again. But I'll give it a go. So, what went on in our lives last week?

*For Annie and I, the read-a-thon dominated the week. From preparation to participation to recovering. Not sure the recovering is quite complete yet. We both had a fabulous time, got a lot of great reading done, and earned some money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

*Rich, Gray, and Max headed off on a boys' weekend. And, according to one and all, had a wonderful time. Rich taught his Friday morning class, picked the boys up early from school, and then they headed off for coastal Maine. They arrived Friday evening, hit the beach in the morning, then headed down to New Hampshire to visit a tidal pool.

*Max has learned to ride his bike! (Unfortunately, he caught us all off guard and no one had the camera.)

*Lucky continues making himself at home. His craziness is growing by leaps and bounds, literally and figuratively. One hour he's waking you by attacking your feet, the next hour he's waking you by rubbing his face against yours in order to get some pets. Even Aldo has fully excepted him now.

*Our glorious Indian summer has come to an end, and our lows are back to the 30s (and a few times upper 20s). I know it's that time of year, but somehow it just feels too early.

*Penn State is continuing to keep us happy! Of course, this week will be their real test.


Lis Garrett said...

I love those photos - so gorgeous!!

We had our new furnace installed just in time for the cold weather, and it is wonderful! Oh, what a difference an energy-efficient furnace makes. :-)

Jean said...

We actually thought about turning the heat on down here in Virginia this morning. We didn't, though we may be tempted later in the week when the daytime high is only supposed to be 56F. Tell Rich he took some great photos, though I also would love to see one of you and Annie in your comfies, reading.

gail@more than a song said...

Those pictures are fabulous! I've always wanted to go to Maine but still haven't made it yet.
Over the weekend our highs have finally gone from upper 80's to upper 70's so we're making some ac is still running some, gasp!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great pics! That first one is so incredible, the water and sky are such gorgeous blues :) Fun that the boys went away and let you girls do your reading thing :)

Can't believe you're getting 20's and 30's at night! We got down to 49 last night, which is great for us :)

Hope you have a great week and a good visit with the parental units :)

Nymeth said...

yay, congrats to Max! And I'm glad to hear the boys had such a nice weekend. Those are some lovely pictures. And it's great that Aldo and Lucky are starting to get along :)

I know what you mean about taking a while to recover. I think I'm more tired today than I was yesterday, lol. Yesterday I was still a bit giddy and high on book power :P Today I'm just sort of blah. Waking up this morning was hard!

Dawn said...

Those are outstanding photos! I'll bet it was great fun for all!

I think Rich and Tim are going to get in one more weekend of camping next weekend.

I know what you mean about the weather. I just called and ordered oil today so we can have some heat this winter. It was pretty cold this past weekend.

take care,

Chris said...

30 degrees?! Already? I'd go nuts. I like it cold, but not that cold, lol.

Love the pictures :) Especially the one of Max getting splashed. Glad they had such a good time.

Like you I'm slowly recovering from the Read-a-Thon...though it was so much fun! I can't wait for the next one already. Hopefully I make it for the whole 24 hours next time :/

Chris said...

Oh, and I wanted to tell you that it's awesome that y'all read for St. Jude! I didn't know y'all were doing a charity. I've worked with quite a few kids who have benefited from those donations and I can assure you that they appreciate it!

Nicole said...

Yikes! The 20's. I am still adjusting to the 40's. 45 degrees this morning and I was thinking it's winter.

Trish said...

Alright--I'm going to stop complaining about us dipping into the 70s! Actually we are a little cooler than that in the evenings but our highs are still in the 80s. I think we'll have a cold front this weekend--and we are going camping, so it should be perfect. anyway--enough about me. ;)

The boys look like they are having a blast! How long of a drive is it for them? I would love to hear about the drive they took through New Hampshire and if it is close to where we were. Did they make it out to Bar Harbor? Are you overhwelmed with questions? LOL.

congrats to Max on the bike riding! I'm sure there will be plenty of camera opportunities. And Yay for Lucky fitting in a little better--the last picture you posted looked very promising.

Debi said...

I was thinking when you were having your furnace replaced that you cutting it a bit close. ;)

We sent the good camera off with the boys, so Annie and I didn't take any pictures of ourselves. Which may be for the best.

I've never been to Maine either. Someday, I hope!

Thanks! I'm sure we'll have a great visit. Don't get to see them nearly enough. :(

"High on book power"...I love it! I'm definitely going to remember that one...'cause seriously that describes it so well!
Hope we're all feeling back to normal today. Not that yesterday was too bad, but I could certainly tell I wasn't quite right yet.

I'll bet you miss their camping trips during the winter, huh? ;)

That's nice to hear that you've worked with kids who have benefited from St. Jude. Rich and I developed a real soft spot for the place when we lived in Memphis. While most of the charities we support on a regular basis are environmental in nature, we try to send St. Jude money several times a year. The last thing those families need to worry about is how they're going to pay the medical bills...I love how St. Jude makes sure that doesn't have to be an issue.

Normally I make this transition a little easier, but this year I feel like I'm just not ready for winter!

No, they didn't get to Bar Harbor. They just barely got into Maine. Spent the night in Ogunquit...because of its connection to The Stand. Yes, seriously. :) And then they spent most of the day on Saturday in Rye, NH. I can't remember how long Rich said it takes to get there...I'm thinking 7 to 8 hours. Where did you and the hubby go when you were just up there?
Have fun camping! Sounds like great time...and perfect weather for it!

Trish said...

We flew into Boston (kind of a mishap--were supposed to go to Manchester) and drove up to Portland our first night. We continued north up to Bethel, Maine and then drove through the White Mountains back down to MA. The White Mountains in NH (hwy 16??) were really beautiful.

Glad the boys had a great trip--and too funny about The Stand connection!! Sounds like something I would do.

Debi said...

That sounds like such a fabulous little trip! Someday, I hope our family can take a nice long vacation in New England. So much to see, and so gorgeous. I've seen very little of it myself.

Melody said...

Great pics, Debi! I love the first pic because it shows off the great weather and the sea. Our weather here was pretty unpredictable for the past few days... I'm hoping we'd be seeing more sunshine in the upcoming days!