Saturday, October 18, 2008

read-a-thon update 5

Since last post:

Time spent (since last update):

--Reading: 130 minutes

--On computer (blogging, commenting/cheering, mini-challenges): 20 minutes

--Other (pet care, cooking, etc.): 10 minutes

Between the covers:

--Number of pages: 90 pages

--What I read: Finished The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

Down the hatch:

--Food: an M&M cookie

--Drink: a huge mug of hot tea


Time spent:

--Reading: 410 minutes

--On computer (blogging, commenting/cheering, mini-challenges): 125 minutes

--Other (pet care, cooking, etc.): 45 minutes

Between the covers:

--Number of pages: 317 pages.

--What I've read: Finished last 10 pages of Dracula by Bram Stoker. Read The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

Down the hatch:

--Food: piece of raspberry coffeecake, 2 soft pretzels, 2 M&M cookies

--Drink: two large mugs of coffee, a glass of Coke, a huge mug of hot tea

Miscellaneous comments:
*Trying to compose myself after finishing The Graveyard Book. It was wonderful beyond words, but left me just bawling like a baby.
*Should confess that I've turned the TV on, sans sound, because I can't bear to not know how Penn State is doing. Well, if things don't turn around soon, I may just be able to turn it off. :(
*My daughter is utterly blowing me away in the amount she's getting read. Not fair! Yes, that was said in an incredibly whiny, petulant voice.


sharonanne said...

Good job!

Nymeth said...

Sigh, the ending made me cry too. Congrats on finishing, dear Debi, and don't worry about numbers! You're having run, right?

Trish said...

Ya--my Aggies lost, so I know the feeling.

Congrats on finishing the book! I'll definitely have to check it out after hearing your reaction...

And man you've been doing a lot of reading!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up! It's getting close to the halfway point.

Chris said...

The ending choked me up was such a great book. You're doing awesome Debi! I however am going to take a nap so I don't get too cranky :p

Bybee said...

Congrats on finishing the book. Your snack list is making me hungry, especially the soft pretzels and the m&m cookie! The mug of hot tea sounds like the perfect way to wash it all down.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing :)I can't wait to read it! Ahhh...I need more hours...

Rhinoa said...

I am hoping to find time for The GRaveyard Book later if I manage to stay awake. If not I will read it before the end of the month. I hope you enjoyed Dracula just as much.

Maree said...

Waaaaaaah ... I really need to try and track it down here (NZ). Otherwise, keep it up; sounds like you're both doing great! :)

Marg said...

I have only read one Neil Gaiman book. I really should read more! In fact, I might just add this one to my library queue!

Keep up the good work.