Monday, December 15, 2008

tis the season...

...for torturing one's animal friends by taking silly pictures of them.

(I'm hoping he won't hold a grudge for too long. After all, like I told him, that wasn't nearly as bad as the hot dog costume the kids wanted me to buy him at Halloween.)

...for Secret Santa fun.

(It seems my Secret Santa has chosen to remain anonymous, so I hope he/she reads this. My Secret Santa sent an adorable little snowman card with an assortment of mini pieces of scrapbook paper and some stickers. I had to make sure to snap a quick photo before the boys got home, as I strongly suspect my little Collage Master Max will soon claim these for his own. But that's okay, because I know he'll make me a wonderful masterpiece! :) Thank you very much, Secret Santa--whoever you are!)

...for incredibly thoughtful gifts from incredibly thoughtful friends!

(Yep, just look what the postman brought me today! Nymeth sent me The Best of John Bellairs, and she knew I would just love it! I've been wanting to read The House With a Clock in Its Walls ever since I first read her awesome review. In fact, I inter-library loaned it, but while Annie read it, I didn't have a chance to before I had to return it. Oh, I'm so excited to dive right in! But I think we're going to make this a family read. :) Even though Annie's read the first one, she hasn't read the next I think this is going to be a treat for all five of us! Thank you, thank you, thank you Nymeth! I absolute adore it!)

...for baking cookies. And baking cookies. And baking cookies.

(I totally stole this cute idea from my sweet friend Dawn. This is cookie type #5 for the season. Just a few more kinds to go, then we'll be set for neighborhood deliveries.)

...for getting really, really, really far behind on blog reading. I've made myself stay off the computer for the past few days, just trying to get things done around here. Still not ready for Christmas, and now I'm missing out on how everyone else is doing. :(
I hope to just blow everything else off one of these evenings soon, and just catch up with everyone. Hope when I do, I find you're all having a truly fabulous holiday season!


Nymeth said...

lol! That has to be my favourite picture of Baker so far. He looks like he's thinking "human shenanigans", but I bet he won't hold a grudge. I so need to take pictures of mine in antlers and Santa hats :P

I'm very glad to see you're so happy with your Secret Santa gift! Those really are some gorgeous papers!

As for the book, so glad you like it :D It actually arrived earlier than expected. The estimate delivery date was the same of another package from a different online store, so I was kind of hoping they'd arrive together. I'm really sorry for sending your gifts in 3 parts...I'm a mess :P Anyway, the final part is expected to arrive on the 17th :P

Those cookies are so adorable! But did I read right? You bake more than 5 different types of cookies? wow :o

And don't worry for a moment about being behind. Christmas is just around the corner, after all, and there are things that must be done!

Kailana said...

haha, love the dog! My friend had a picture of her cat in a Santa hat up on facebook right now. The things we do to our animals. lol

Looks like the postman was good to you today!

Megan said...

That's a great picture of the! We occasionally try to inflict such torture upon our pets, but usually can't manage to catch them/make them hold still long enough to get embarassing costume items on them let alone long enough to take a picture.

Love those cookies, too! I manage some tasty cookies, but they're not near as cute as yours! =D

Jean said...

So you heard from your Secret Santa at least anonymously. I'm still waiting...

Bookfool said...

The dog photo is a hoot! I've done similar to my cat. Last year, she got to pose in a Santa hat.

Wahoo for Nymeth! That will be a really fun read, I'm sure!

Chris said...

Poor Baker, lol! That's so damn cute but he looks like "please take this crap off of me" lol.

What a perfect little secret santa gift for you! Someone knows that you like scrapping. If Max steals everything you have to show us what he makes!

And yay for the best of John Bellairs! That's so sweet of Nymeth. I know you'll love it and it's the perfect family read. She sent me a present too! She's so sweet. I just posted about mine. She sent me A Fine and Private Place by Peter Beagle which I've been drooling over since her review of it!

And I think those are my favorite Christmas cookies I've seen yet! I love them! You have to send me the recipe...especially if they're sugar cookies. I've been looking for a good sugar cookie recipe forever!

Melody said...

I love the pics, Debi! Your dog is adorable, with or without the accessory. :)

Your gifts are lovely! Nymeth is so sweet! And I hope your Secret Santa will reveal his/her name soon!

As for the cookies...YUM YUM!!

DesLily said...

LOL love your reindeer! and you've been busy baking! (me too, I will post a pic or two tomorrow) I may have to get that same book one day! sheesh...

Eva said...

This post is so, so cute: the perfect holiday post!! :D

I have to get that reindeer cookie recipe-soooooo cute.

kreed said...

Love the pic of Max - I couldn't get Elmer to sit still enough to get a picture of his reindeer garb!

Your cookies look great - I am jealous that you are getting things done and getting cookies made. The same can't be said here...Your kids may not even have their presents by Christmas at ther ate I am going.

Stephanie said...

I won a copy of the Bellairs book from Darla. One of these days I hope to read it!!

Sweet gifts!!

And no....I'm SO not ready for Christmas!! I have so much shopping to do, it's not even funny!

Somer said...

I read The House with the Clock in Its Walls when I was about 12. I'd love to re-read it! And those cookies are too cute!

Dawn said...

What a cute picture that is. I would have posed my dog (if I had one) for the same kind of picture :)

What a nice Secret Santa gift!

The book sounds really good. I'm going to have to add it to my list.

I'm glad you liked the cookies. I could go for some of those righ now!

I am glad you are taking some time to get things done. Oh, this is such a busy time of the year.

take care,

Brittanie said...

I love baking Christmas cookies. We made homemade Gingerbread cookies last night. Yum-O. :)

Kim L said...

Hahaha... I keep telling my husband we have to take Rusty to see Santa this weekend... his reaction is, "oh yeah, the thing where he has to get an uncomfortable hat on his head and try to sit still and have lights flashed in his eye and be hugged by a strange person?"

And I'm like, "I'm doing this for his sake, really."

valentina said...

those cookies looks so cute, I bet they were delicious too! I must bake some xmas cookies!

and poor dog lol he's like "ooooook, let's make fun of the dog again, he doesn't mind..." hihi

Trish said...

I hear you about being behind--I haven't been on my reader hardly at all this week--and reading? 50 pages in a week! But those cookies are too cute to resist making a comment on! I'm definitely going to have to remember that for next time we have a bake day!

I hope you have a great day, Debi.

Fyrefly said...

Those cookies are the cutest thing I've seen all day.